Nowruz for MEK hostages and their families

The MEK Camp Ashraf 3 in Tirana,Albania

On the eve of the Iranian new year, Nowruz, Iranians all over the world try to have gatherings with their loved ones, except for those who are in the camp of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK). They have no way out of their enclosed camp in Manez, in north of Albania. On the other side of the bars of the camp are the families of the MEK’s hostages who have been looking forward to the release of their loved ones for decades.

Every year, Nowruz is considered an opportunity by families of the MEK members to indicate their love, attention and concern to their beloved relatives who are kept under the modern slavery of the Cult of Rajavi. The manipulation system of the cult deprives the hostages of any way of contact with their friends and families.

The families send letters and video messages for Nejat society to publish on the website in the hope that their loved ones could find the chance to get their messages. The possibility of getting the message is not really high because members of the MEK are under a strict cult-like control. However, their families do not lose hope. Sending new year wishes has become like a tradition for the activists of Nejat Society.

The families know that their beloved parents, children, siblings and cousins who are in the MEK have missed an authentic Nowruz celebration for years. Every Nowruz, their organizational task for Nowruz is to wear uniforms, chant in front of the photos of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and listen to their long speeches about their confidence in the overthrow the Iranian government this year. This is the repetitive story of every Nowruz celebration inside the MEK.

Nejat Society, as the representative of families of MEK hostages and defectors of the group, wishes both families and their loved ones in Manez camp the reunion and sharing of love and happiness with each other. May the Iranian year, 1403, offers them the best possibilities to break through the slavery of the Rajavis.

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