Somayeh Mohammadi

Alforat TV reports on Mohammady family

Mohammadi told Al Forat:”when I was looking for my daughter who had been kidnapped with her brother Mohammad Mohammadi ten years ago, in Iraq, I found out that she is under physical and mental pressure by the MKO’s agents” . And Mohamadi stressed that he has submitted an appeal against them and an Iraqi court has issued the arrest warrant for three people of the leaders. He noted that the group prevents his daughter from returning to Canada.

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Open Letter to Bryan Wilfert MP from Mohammad Mohammady in Canada

before toppling of Saddam Hussein, it was impossible to talk about or disagree with the MKO publicly. If they have this much power to force a young girl to denounce her family and call her parents agents of the Iranian regime just because they tried to take her out of a war zone and from the camp of an organization that has been branded terrorist by many Western governments, you can clearly understand how dangerous …

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