Duplicity of the MEK nature

MKO’s New Tricks in Iraq Revealed

…the cult of Rajavi is trying to introduce all accidents and events as the “plots” of Badr brigade against Sunnis. They attribute all terrorist acts in Iraq to Shiites, in order to win the attraction of Americans beside softening the anti-MKO atmosphere in Iraq.

In an analysis on the activities of terrorist groups in Iraq , including the MKO, to exaggerate the issue of a detention center in the Interior ministry, an Iraqi political expert said: “This plot was planned to weaken the Iraqi coalition list and Iraq’s enemies try to demonize Shiites and weaken their position, by attributing these illegal affairs to them.”

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Reflex of Rajavis nature and character

The anti-intelligence section’s website of terrorist cult of Rajavi, Iran Efshagar, states the substantial nature of the cult and is a symbol of its interior. Through a silly childish and nervous action in the website, one of the contradictory and seriously problematic members of MKO declared some nonsense against our dear friend Ms. Marjan Malek,[one of the founders of Nejat Society].

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Democracy in Rajavi’s “Islamic Democratic Republic”

People needed several years to understand the sectarian nature of this cult and see how it uses violence to suppress the mind.
What revealed MKO’s permanent opposition to the freedom of thought and speech was a press conference on MKO-Saddam relations and the role of this group in suppressing Kurds and Shittes in 1991; this conference was held in London.

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Terrorist MKO paid British MP to visit UN

“It is a sect, not a political party, and has virtually no support in Iran. It is a diversion from the real issues,”she said and repeated that the UK Government should be”clear, consistent and transparent”in engaging in dialogue with Iran and its people.
With regard to the nuclear issue, Starkey commended the role that the UK Government has played, together with its EU partners, in trying to reach a negotiated resolution.

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MKO Bribes to Distort Reality

..the US disarmed the MKO and realized that most of MKO members want to leave the Organization,they established a camp near Camp Ashraf and settled defectors-whether those who had escaped MKO or had left it with the assistance of Americans- in that camp. MKO, entangled in a crisis, resorted to dirty tricks to stop members from leaving..

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Referring to recent press conferences held by the MKO spokesmen in various capitals,…the source who asked for anonymity said the MKO has no information about Iran’s sensitive military projects and what they tell the media is what the CIA feeds them….The group, now under US protection in their camps in Iraq, is on the American and European lists of terrorist organizations,

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