• IraqIran-U.S. Ambassadors in Exclusive Meeting

    Iran-U.S. Ambassadors in Exclusive Meeting

    By the invitation of Iraqi National Security advisor, Mowafaq al-Rubai, The ambassadors of Iran and the U.S. held a meeting in his house. The content of this three-hour meeting, that coincided with the meeting of joint trilateral committee (comprising of Iranian, American and Iraqi experts…

  • Expulsion from IraqVoices from Everywhere, Calling for MKO's Expulsion

    Voices from Everywhere, Calling for MKO’s Expulsion

    Fazel Al-Shovaili, adviser of Iraq's Deputy Interior Minister for Security Affairs Shirvan Vaeli, said: "MKO is a terrorist group with long history of killing Iraqis and enjoying privileges from Saddam government." During a conference called "Iraq Without Terrorist Organization, sponsored by Iraq's National Security Ministry…

  • MKO;Baath's AccompliceChemical Ali Ordered MKO to Kill Kurds

    Chemical Ali Ordered MKO to Kill Kurds

    Shahab Al-Ghare Losi writes: "Ten audio tapes have been obtained from the house of Ali Hassan Al-Majid- known as Chemical Ali- on the operation of Anfal against Kurds and also on the suppression of 1991's uprising. These tapes are about the meetings of Chemical Ali…

  • Iraqi Authorities' Positions on Mujahedin KhalqMKO Never Allowed to Act in Iraq

    MKO Never Allowed to Act in Iraq

    "In a meeting last week with Turkish officials, we discussed the issue in details and we stressed that Iraq is determined not to allow any terrorist activity be conducted against neighboring countries from Iraq. We will not allow the PKK to have operations against Turkey…

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