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MKO Never Allowed to Act in Iraq

In an interview with PUK-funded newspaper, Al-Ittihad, Iraqi foreign minister Hoshiar Zebari said about ties with Iraq neighbors: "In a meeting last week with Turkish officials, we discussed the issue in details and we stressed that Iraq is determined not to allow any terrorist activity be conducted against neighboring countries from Iraq. We will not allow the PKK to have operations against Turkey as we prevent MKO elements from acting against Iran. We also ban members of Ekhvan al-Muslimin in Iraq to act against Syria."

"Everyone knows that establishing security and stability in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq is the priority of Iraqi government and it is not in our interest to enter talks with group, parties and terrorist organizations that work to destabilize neighboring counties. This issue requires more time, but everyone should know that we will never use these groups against our neighbors in our foreign policy."

alitthad.com – 2006/08/16 http://www.alitthad.com/paper.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1738

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