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No MKO member is allowed to enter Arbil

Iraq – Governor of Arbil rejected and called a big lie the news about establishing a new camp for members of notorious Mujahedin-e Khalg Organization in Northern Province of Arbil.


In an interview with Fars news agency correspondent in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, the governor of Arbil Nozad Hadi rejected severely current rumors about the presence of elements of MKO terrorist group in this province.


Calling the construction of new camps for MKO in Kurdistan region as a big lie Hadi said: As the governor of Arbil I strongly reject the existence of any MKO base in Kurdistan.


He also clarified: no MKO member is allowed to enter Arbil province which is located at the heart of Kurdistan region.


In response to the question “would you take MKO under protection if they be expelled from Dyala?” The Iraqi official also said: “I think the Kurdistan officials would never commit such a mistake.”


These statements come at the time when some media report of America’s efforts to establish a new fully equipped camp for MKO terrorist group 30 kilometers away from Arbil.


Significant is that no Iraqi Kurd official has so far confirmed these reports.


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