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Chemical Ali Ordered MKO to Kill Kurds

In an article in PUK-backed newspaper "Al-Ettehad", Shahab Al-Ghare Losi published documents on Chemical Ali and pointed to the role of MKO in massacring Iraqi Kurds.

Shahab Al-Ghare Losi writes:

"Ten audio tapes have been obtained from the house of Ali Hassan Al-Majid- known as Chemical Ali- on the operation of Anfal against Kurds and also on the suppression of 1991’s uprising. These tapes are about the meetings of Chemical Ali on the issue of Kurdistan."

In one of the tapes, dated April 15, 1988, Chemical Ali says:

"None of the villages should remain in this region until the next summer. We should transfer the people to townships and camps and control them. Their transfer from the villages to the North of Iraq is inevitable. From now on, I cut their water, electricity, oil, sugar, flour. Why should we let them live like donkeys and understand nothing? For their wheat? Well, I don’t want their wheat. We have been importing the wheat since 20 years ago and we can do it for more 5 years."

In the meeting, Chemical Ali stresses the need for evacuation of villages and says: "their homes should be destroyed completely. The people should be taken to labor camps and no one of them should be allowed to return."

In another meeting with the officials of sovereign provinces (as written on the tapes) on March 26, 1988, Chemical Ali emphasizes that Kurds should be forced to immigrate. He questions the ability of the army and Baath officials for doing this and brings their attention to the possible forces the army can take advantage of. "After all these years, why are the saboteurs still at large? They are looking at the way we function. Our orders and functions are not powerful enough".

He also says: "Jalal Talabani asked me to open a dialog channel with him. That night, I went to Suleimanieh and targeted them with special weapons." By special weapons, he meant "chemical weapons". He adds: "I won’t talk with Talabani and won’t stop the forced immigration plan unless the war has ended with Iran and Iranian troops have left the regions they captured. When the plan ends, we will start a large scale war against them and will try to recapture one-third of the lands. We will surround them in the valleys and then target them with chemical weapons. This chemical attack will last for 15 days. I don’t name these chemical weapons because it’s banned but I declare that we will defeat them with these new destructive weapons. We will follow them up to Iranian borders and then we will order the MKO to attack them there."

AlIttihad – IranDidban translation –  2006/09/02


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