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MKO’s Role in Saddam Massacres Should be Exposed

The court of former Iraqi regime’s crimes, now being held without the presence of Saddam Hussein, exposes important issues one of which is the decision of former Iraqi dictator to exterminate the Kurds with all possible means.

In the court, it was revealed that the order for massacring the Kurds by chemical weapons was issued personally by Saddam Hussein and suggested by Ali Hassan Al-Majid and consequently criminal officials of former regime committed the crimes in Halabja.

Meanwhile, what are very important are Chemical Ali’s comments on using the MKO for pursuing and targeting the Kurds (even inside Iran).

Earlier also, with the exposure of Rajavi’s secret talks with then the head of Iraqi Intelligence Service lieutenant general Taher, in which MKO forces’ participation in killing the Kurds was praised on behalf of Saddam, the role of the group in massacring the Kurds had been revealed.

In addition to the issue of MKO’s role in killing the Kurds- which has been proved with a lot of documents- what’s new in Chemical Ali’s comments and reveals new facts on MKO-Saddam ties, is the reality that this group acted as a private army for Saddam Hussein and that Iraqi officials considered the roles of the MKO when planning.

In this regard, Chemical Ali clarifies that MKO forces were tasked with pursuing and targeting the Kurds inside Iran.

The new government of Iraq and those in charge of holding the court should expose more of documents on cooperation between the MKO and Saddam Hussein in order to illuminate the public opinion and prevent distortion of historical facts by the leaders of the group.

By clarifying the dimensions of such crimes the efforts of MKO leaders to seek refuge in Iraq will fail and the main reasons of their presence in the country will be determined.

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