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Treacherous Plan Exposed, MKO Moans

Following the revelation of a plan on using the MKO members by Pentagon in Congressional Weekly, moaning and complaining started to rise from both sides of this dirty deal.

On one hand, the Pentagon denied the issue as whole and even admitted the group has mistreated its own members and on the other hand, cult’s spokespersons in Europe tried to cover the issue as if there has been nothing between the group and the Pentagon.

Earlier, Rajavi and his followers stupidly claimed of being independent from Saddam Hussein but when the tapes of their relationships were broadcast they started to deny the facts.

When the spies of MKO reported of when the Iranian military operations were going to start (documents are available from MKO’s own journals), they called it patriotism- like what they do to flatter Americans.

This is not a fault by the people of the world, who believe disloyalty to the nation is called treachery, who can’t say dependence on Saddam Hussein is "independence", who can’t ignore MKO’s readiness for participation in any possible war against Iran.

As stated by the spokesperson of the MKO, no secret service in the world- including Pentagon and others- is going to hire the spies who are ready to work against their nation for free; the fact is that they will use such people as a throwaway handkerchief.

So this is the message to the gang of Rajavi and its spokespersons: don’t try to deny being employed by the Pentagon, because the US officials will be certainly criticized for hiring the most stupid spies of the world.

Irandidban –  2006/11/30


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