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The MKO treacherous alliance with the former Iraqi dictator

September 20, indicates the protracted war between Iran and Iraq started by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in 1980. Iraq launched the war in an effort to consolidate its power in the Arab world and to replace Iran as the dominant Persian Gulf state. Saddam poorly estimated that Iran was in turmoil and that his forces could achieve quick victory.

However the war lasted for 8 years with more than half a million people dead from both sides. Although the Iraqi dictator had a good deal of outside help, he couldn’t end the war. Finally in 1988 the war ended with the acceptance of UN Resolution 598 by both sides.  

The Iranian youth actively participated in the war and managed to resist Saddam Hussein’s invasion and pull it back from the Iranian soil.

The war episodes remained in the historical memory of Iranian nation. One Chapter of the war yet was bitterer to the Iranian people: Although all Iranians whatever their religion or political view would be, united to resist the enemy, just one group hand in hand with the enemy took arm against their own fellow countrymen.  This betrayer group was Mujahedin Khalq.

Former Iraqi dictator granted the MKO refuge in Iraq after they were expelled from France. The group received military support as well as financial assistance from Saddam Hussein and in return acted as his mercenaries. The group started helping Saddam in his assault against Iran. They provided Hussein forces with Intelligence grounds. The MKO members actively fought shoulder in shoulder with the Iraqi army forces in an imposed war which cost thousands of Iranians lives.

Siding with the enemy caused the MKO to lose its remaining support among the Iranians people. In fact it led the group to complete decline.    

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