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The statement of Nejat Society relating the execution of former Iraqi dictator

The statement of Nejat Society relating the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein

There were scenes of jubilations among the people of the world, particularly the two great nations of Iran and Iraq; following the news of the execution of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was broke to them this morning.

It is worth mentioning that Saddam Hussein or Iraq was known as the only state supporter of Mojahedin-é Khalq Organisation (MKO), and for nearly two decades the Organisation enjoyed his full financial and logistical backing in that country. The truth is that Saddam Hussein the former dictator of Iraq and Mas’ud Rajavi the leader of MKO committed many crimes in a strategic collusion against the people of Iran as well as the people of Iraq. MKO attempted many terrorist activities inside Iran in big cities against ordinary innocent citizens using the arms, intelligence and training provided by the Iraqi Ba’th regime; and in return MKO participated along the Iraqi armed forces to suppress the Shiite Moslems in the south and the Kurds in the north of the country.

Obviously one cannot make a great distinction between the misdeeds of Saddam Hussein with those of the MKO since they were much closed allies for many years. Saddam and Rajavi were like two blood brothers whom the first is captured and executed and the second is escapee and in hiding. In the video recordings of discussions between Rajavi and Iraqi security and intelligence officials found after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Rajavi clearly defines his relationship beyond a normal political connection for mutual strategic interests and calls it an ideological bond between the two of them.

The overwhelming general jubilations after the execution of the dictator, especially amongst our fellow countrymen who have many scars from this dictator on their bodies, are quite righteous and understandable. We too believe that executing him was the least one could do to cure the wounds on the hearts of thousands of victims who have been suffered due to his actions. But on the other hand many important issues were not even mentioned during the trial of Saddam Hussein never mind being dealt with. Although the execution of the dictator of the century was a right thing to do but a higher right was neglected, and that dealing with the whole truth and reality of his long reign in Iraq.

Apparently they want to finish everything off by just executing one man. In the process of the trial it was not clear who were the supporters and backers of Saddam Hussein and how he enjoyed such supports and who used the Iraqi national sources to fulfil their interests. The closed cooperation of MKO and Saddam Hussein against the nations of Iran and Iraq which could easily be proved should be sorted out in an international court of justice.

In our opinion, there should have been no rush to eliminate Saddam Hussein and if he was kept alive longer, many behind the scene affairs would have been revealed. A dictator is never a dictator by his own. He definitely has many internal and international aides and sponsors who keep him in power. Who are these people and where are they now?

It is also interesting to notice that two groups were disappointed with the execution of Saddam Hussein and remained completely silent. First were the associates of Iraqi Ba’th Party and the second were the leaders of MKO. Anyway Saddam Hussein who did not even have mercy on his own relatives and friends, kept and backed MKO in his country since they could be well used to suppress the people of Iraq and make terrorist attempts inside Iran.

Nejat Society

Saturday- 2 January, 2007

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