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Nejat Society Letter to the President Jalal Talibani

Dear Mr. President Jalal Talibani Nejat Society congratulates you on your being elected as the president of Iraq. Also, we are pleased with the appointment of Mr.Javad Al-Maleki as the Prime minister of Iraq to organize the Iraqi Cabinet. We hope that the new cabinet, with the cooperation of Iraqi people could provide a bright and dynamic future for Iraqi nation, which was under the boots of the dictator –Saddam Hussein- and his terrorist accomplices for a long time.

Nejat Society wishes Iraqi Government to provide security in the whole country and could progress in cultural, social, political and economical domains. The Iraqi state can prevent all the foreigners and terrorist groups from intervening in Iraqi affairs. Since Iraq has suffered a lot from terrorist groups (ei- Mujahedin –e-khalq and its leader, Masud Rajavi); including the mass murder of Iraqi Shiites and Kurds in 1991.

It is proper that the current state decides definitely to expel this terrorist cult out of Iraqi territory and makes the deceived members of the cult return their homeland, Iran, and join their families .Also it is fair to try the leaders of the terrorist cult Mujahedin Khalq in Iraqi courts along with Saddam Hussein and punish them on their anti human crimes.

With Best Regards

Nejat Society

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