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Nejat Society Letter to The chairman and representatives of Belgium parliament

Honorable chairman and representatives of Belgium parliament

Dear Sirs

Since the foreign affairs committee of Belgian parliament has issued a statement to support the terrorist group MEK on April 27th, 2006, a lot of broad-minded people wonder why a free country like Belgium which supports human rights should patronize a terrorist cult.

Therefore we draw the respectable representatives’ attention to the documented report of Human Rights Watch, UN and US statements on the Cult of Rajavi. Through these reports the defectors of the group bring documented evidences of prison, torture, censure, separation of children from their parents, public divorces and many other examples of human rights violations. The terrorist cult also has assassinated civilians in Iran and Iraq. The group tortures dissatisfied members as well as threatening them.

Dear Sirs

How could it happen that no attention is paid to all existing documents on the real nature of this cult which has a dark history of human rights violations and has always eliminated the members only because they criticized their dictator leaders policies.

The honorable representatives were deceived by the false propaganda of the cult and have supported the cult without any investigation; however there are a lot of documents and evidences on the terrorist nature of MKO.

It is expected that the respected Belgian representatives who are the defendants of democracy and freedom of minds act impartially as the public thoughts demand and encounter the terrorists so firmly that they would not be questioned by the world.

We are pleased to remind you that it is below your dignity to ignore the shameful activities of a terrorist group and bring question to your claims about democracy and human rights since everything would be recorded by the history.

Dear honorable representatives

As the former members of MKO, we, who have founded a society to save our former friends in the cult and fight the cruelty of its leaders, request the Belgian parliament to consider the human rights interests and keep away from this fascist, terrorist cult immediately and band the group as what the UN did.

Sincerely yours

Nejat Society

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