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Nejat Society’s letter to TIPF

Temporary International Presence Facility (TIPF)

Dear Sir,

We in the Nejat (Salvation) Society in Iran would like to draw your outstanding attention to a very important and imperative subject concerning the members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organisation (MKO) of Iran whom are held in the Ashraf Camp in north of Baghdad.

The Nejat Society consists of those ex-members of the Organisation whom have been rescued from the notorious establishment of the MKO and returned to their families inside Iran. The main objective of the Society is to help the previous colleagues whom still mentally or even practically are imprisoned by the Organisation in Iraq. We have tried to our best to manage visits between the relatives and the members; although we have not been very successful in this regards.

We have learned about the excellent activities of TIPF in Iraq who has done a good effort to help those members who wished to free themselves and start a new respectful life for the rest of their lives. Your work has always been appreciated by the many Iranians particularly the families of the victims who are still held captive in the Camp in Iraq. To our opinion TIPF has a historical and humanitarian roll to play for those who really need to be supported and helped to a safe and sound future. We also believe that your work has not been fully recognised and appreciated worldwide and more support must be gained for it.

It should be taken into consideration that the MKO has been recognised as a cult organisation and dealing with a cult which has had the chance of controlling its members in such isolated surroundings like Iraq for many years is a very careful assignment. To our opinion the members of the Organisation should individually be treated as separate cases and the help of their relatives and old friends should be sought. We are pleased to say that the Nejat Society has had plenty experience in this manner.

We are fully aware that the MKO is not happy with the work of TIPF since they wish to continue their domination and control over the members in the framework of the Organisation as they used to do under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship. We have observed that the MKO has had a hostile attitude towards TIPF and even called them the apparatus of the Iranian Regime. But we believe that TIPF should continue with its good work and insist on the visits made between the members of the Organisation and their families without the presence of the authorities of the MKO under the supervision of the International Red Cross.

We strongly believe that TIPF could play a vital roll to break the present lock concerning the members still residing in Iraq in order to help them to freely and independently decide about their own future without the inspiration usually imposed by the Organisation. Whether they would like to leave the Organisation or hold with it and whether they wish to return to Iran or move to a third country ought to be decided unconventionally with enough thought and careful study by every one personally.

The Nejat Society is seeking an active contact with TIPF since the two establishments are dealing with the same subject and they both wish to help the same people. To our opinion the work of TIPF so far should carefully be revised and evaluated. We think we could find a great deal of subjects that we could share and discuss about. We would be most delighted if we could receive a communication from you soon and we do appreciate any contact with your institution in the future.

Looking forward to hearing or seeing from you

Yours Sincerely

Copy to:

– the International Committee of the Red Cross

– the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights

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