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Report on delivery ceremony of Mrs.Marzieh Qorsi

On Monday,May 15th,Mrs. Marzieh Qorsi, nicknamed Arezoo who after years of tolerating challenges and unbelievable mental pressure separated from Rajavi’s terror cult and returned to Iran, through an impressing and exciting ceremony and with the presence of a large number of her relatives at the office of Oroumieh Nejat Society, was delivered to her parents.

When she was visiting her brothers ,sisters and parents, her elder brother hugged her and while he was crying said :" My sister, you were so brave to defect from Rajavi’s group, you did good work, we are very happy that you separated from Rajavi’s cult and came back to us, God’s damnation be on Rajavi."

During this impressing meeting, Marzieh’s family members especially her sister shedding tears of happiness were very excited to have her among them. They declared their serious hatred toward Rajavi’s goup since for ten years its leaders had kept their sister against her will and by force in Camp Ashraf and had prevented her from contacting her son, Saeed, in Iran.

During the ceremony, Mrs.Qorsi’s family members appreciated the efforts of Nejat Society,Azarbaijan branch in order to liberate their sister.

Nejat Society Azerbaijan Branch

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