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Zahra disappeared immediately after she got married

Zahra Hosseini has been living in the camps of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) most of her life time. She has been behind the bars of the cult of Rajavi for 38 years.

One of Zahra’s sisters, Marzieh, took part in the last month’s on-line conference of Nejat Society and appreciated the actions taken by former members of the MEK in order to bring the Rajavis to justice in the international court of the Hague.

My sister had a two-year-old baby who was separated from her and sent to Germany 38 years ago,” Marzieh told the audience. “The Rajavis are traitors. They did not let us visit or even call my sister.”

Zahra Hosseni

Zahra Hosseni , MEK Hostage in Albania

40 years ago, Zahra Hosseini disappeared immediately after she got married to an MEK member in Iran. Her son Saeed lives in Germany now. He is married to a German girl and has no news of his mother. When the MEK was located in Iraq, Zahra’s family traveled to Iraq several times but they were not allowed to visit her.

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