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To the Authorities in Charge of TIPF and MKO Refugees

Dear Sirs,

 You are well aware of the circumstance that after the downfall of the Iraqi dictator Saddam and disarmament of Mojahedin-Khalq members settled in Ashraf military camp, multitudes of MKO’s members, who had stayed with the organization in Iraqi soil in hope of overthrowing the Iranian ruling system or had been kept against their will, found the opportunity to be relived of the desperate situation. Many fled the Camp Ashraf to join the Temporary International Presence Facility (TIPF) that was established just outside Ashraf to house the steady drip of disaffected MKO members who sought refuge with US military forces.

We appreciate the humanitarian move as many of these defectors were shown a smooth outlet out of a hell of anguish and agony to a world wherein they could live as human beings. The last year’s publication of Human Rights Watch report entitled “No Exit” with details on human rights abuses inside MKO was only an iota of the group’s atrocities against the enslaved insiders.

To stop the members’ drift to TIPF, the organization initiated a new move to resurrect its cult-like control over the dissatisfied members and put them under enormous physical and psychological pressure and brainwashing methods. A few have also committed suicide because they could not bear the imposed pressure and failed to join others in TIPF.

The majority of those who were expatriated began a new campaign for the rescue of their comrades and thus, established a close cooperation with other international humanitarian bodies to share their information. The move fostered hope in the hearts of the families whose children and relatives were either in Camp Ashraf or TPIF. Fortunately, the refugees’ promising situation in TIPF has inspired all the families with the anticipation of an imminent reunion. But the problem lies in the fact that many families fail to have an easy access to the information about those living in either of the places.

Many of these families are in frequent contact with our site, mojahedin.ws, inquiring why we do not publish the names of the members at TIPF or those at Camp Ashraf claimed as registered. Unfortunately, we have no approved list of these members to be of any help to their families to have the latest information about their relatives and children’s place of abode. Our responsibility is mainly focused on disclosing facts on MKO’s past and present terrorist activities and warning against its ambitious objectives that are in absolute contradiction with wills of Iranian people. We also attempt to be a balm to torments of the families yet awaiting the return of their beloveds.

We believe that you can play a great role to soothe the anxiety of these families provided the names of those members kept in Camp Ashraf and TIPF are imparted. At the present, TIPF is considered to be the main source of information about the members; families expect, and have the right, to know about the condition of those they are looking forward to hug once more.

We announce our readiness, if you believe we can be of any help in this respect, to initiate a page to publish and declare the names of defected members along with any other information you think might be necessary for the families to have access to. Most of these families in arranged meetings with responsible international bodies have asked for a legally regulated path of direct contact with the members or contact through other facilitated communication means which you have not overlooked.

Dear Sirs,

You might be aware that MKO at the present thinks of its organizational survival and cares not the least for the life of the members it may readily sacrifice to fulfil its goals. If the names of those residing in Camp Ashraf are published for the public, the members might be immunized against MKO’s further evil intentions. Our main concern is the members’ undeclared condition that perturbs their families; any other appropriate means to declare the names is appreciated.

Our Best Regards



The Iraqi Government

The International Committee of the Red Cross


The Human Rights Watch

From mojahedin.ws    December 16, 2006

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