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Camp Ashraf survivors letter to Iraqi PM

Dear Mr. Nouri Al Maleki,

We the undersigned have arrived in Europe over the past few weeks as refugees from .

We are survivors of the Rajavi cult (aka Mojahedin-e Khalq) which for many years was part of Saddam Hussein’s repressive apparatus.

As you are aware we had the chance of taking refuge from the Rajavi dictatorship with the American army when they established a TIPF next to Camp Ashraf in Diyali province.

Recently we were freed from there and have managed to reach the European Union. Many others decided to voluntarily repatriate to where they have re-joined their families. Others have decided to go to other countries like .

The situation of Camp Ashraf is not unknown to you. We know that many of our friends still trapped there would like to leave, but now do not have the opportunity that we had, now that TIPF is closed.

As part of the Iraqi government’s drive to remove the MKO from Iraqi territory, we believe it is vitally important to re-create a place similar to the American camp so that those people who no longer want to be terrorists can escape the MKO camp.

The UNHCR has stated that it cannot begin to deal with these people until they stop being a paramilitary group. It is important to give individuals that very chance by providing them an escape route.

We implore you to create another camp next to Camp Ashraf for people to go to. Once they see a glimmer of hope we are sure many, many will take the opportunity to leave the MKO and from there leave itself.

We further implore you to open the actual gates of Camp Ashraf and allow families in to have access to their loved ones. Let Rajavi’s victims see that their friends and families are there to help them.

We are ready to help in any way needed, including returning to help run the new facility.

Paris, October, 2008

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