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Is the Mujahedin’s Third Option Practical?

The third option has been presented by MKO for the last three years as part of its propaganda against Iranian regime. They have repeated the words like “referendum” or “third option” on their website and their postings or articles on the other media like Ali Safavi’s article “third option in Iran; support the regime dissidents” on August 7th, 2008 when he states that “removing the immoral, and now illegal, terror tag against the PMOI will foster a new approach towards Iran, one that offers considerable strategies depth and long-term benefits.” […]” there is a third viable option, which is embodied by the Iranian people and their organized opposition” he quoted from Maryam Rajavi’s speech addressed to European parliamentarians.

According to Ali Safavi, third option would be practical by supporting the MKO and the support would come from the west that has listed the group as a terrorist organization.

He stated that removing the group from list would offer benefits!

What are the benefits of the removal of MKO from the list of terrorist organizations? The west will not  risk the security of its citizens by supporting a group with a long history of suicide cult-like activities following the arrest of Maryam Rajavi  in France or the assassinations including of those American civilians in Iran in the 1970’s.

Maryam Rajavi also views the third option in support of the Iranian people who hardly even remember who MEK are. If the elderlies of Iranian society remember them well, they will absolutely remember the bombing and assassinations the group committed against their Iranian compatriots: civilians or authorities. They will never forget the MKO served as Saddam Hussein’s spy during the Iran-Iraq war. The group is also well known by some Iranians; those whose beloved ones are captured in Camp Ashraf and are not allowed, by MKO, to contact their children.

So where does Mrs. Rajavi‘s support come from? She might still dream in the illusion of being the president of the future Iran.

While MKO is looking for the support for their third option, the only supporters could seldom found among western politicians that according to James Graff:”there are also reasons why western governments remain wary: among them are the group’s ideological origins in a mixture of Marxism and Islam, the aid they offered to and received from Saddam Hussein and charges, which they deny, implicating them in terrorist acts in Iran. Many independent analysts, such as Paris-based sociologist Farhad Khosrokhavar, say the group has few supporters inside Iran.[…]the PMOI represents a Third way the west is still unlikely to embrace –even if it has no other options either.” (Time CNN-World- “Are the PMOI Iran’s last hope for a peaceful solution” by James Graff, July, 7, 2006)

According to Mujahedin, the support can also come from the organization’s sympathizers who are so got in the busy life of the west where they can barely find any time to participate the group’s so –called large gatherings with the exaggerated number of participants who are mostly deceived by democratic slogans of MKO’s propaganda system or are simply rented by MKO, just like the German actors or Polish students . Are such types of gathering enough to enjoy the support of the Iranians or the west?

The Iranian expatriates in abroad hardly risk their lives or freedom to attend a demonstration held by a terrorist designated radical Marxist group. A demonstration in which there is always the risk of being arrested or imprisoned.

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