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Warning about the MEK’s recruiting crowd for its annual gathering

Rented Crowd at teh MEK's so called gathering in Paris- July 2023

On the eve of the annual meeting of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), warnings about the fraud by agents of the group have been raised.

Regarding the previous frauds of the MEK to recruit participants to their gatherings, both in Paris and in Berlin, Mohammad Reza Torabi, a former child soldier of the MEK, warns Iranian students, refugees and refuge seekers by publishing a video. The MEK’s annual gathering titled “Free Iran”, is supposed to be held on June 29 in Berlin, Germany.

Emphasizing the fact that the MEK do not have a social base among Iranians, Torabi said that one of their tactics to recruit members in the annual gatherings is to go to refugee camps and entice and encourage people to participate in demonstrations.

On June 19th, 2024, the former child soldier, who lives in Germany, posted a video on his X social network account warning the residents of refugee camps in Europe, especially in Germany, not to be deceived by the false promises of the MEK.

In this video, he states that the agents of the MEK entice the refugees to participate in the Berlin gathering by promising them a round-trip fee and a night’s stay in a hotel. After attending the ceremony, the MEK will allegedly help them to advance the legal issues of their asylum case and hire a lawyer.

Deceiving students, refugees and homeless people to participate in the MEK’s rallies is not a new issue, but it seems very necessary to address it and warn about this tactic of the Cult of Rajavi. As we remember, in July 2017, the polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza published a report about “several thousand” Polish students who were taken to Paris to participate in the annual ceremony of the MEK.

According to Wyborcza report, a group of Polish students left for France for a three-day trip in Paris at the expense of an “Iranian non-governmental organization” in Berlin, but there was a condition for this two-day free entertainment: “Participation in the Mujahedin Organization demonstration, near Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.” The cost of this trip was only six euros and the students were officially told that the rest would be paid by the Iranian non-governmental organization in Germany that had arranged the trip.

In June 2013, a Kyrgyz student named Alina Alymkulova, who was a student in Prague, published the diary of her free trip to the MEK’s gathering in Paris in on Radio Free Europe. In her report, she writes about eight buses that took Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and some Asian students who were recruited through the Internet to the MEK gathering in Paris.
In Alina’s diary, the participants in the demonstration had no way to run away, they were not allowed to use cameras, they were given kabab and salmon sandwiches and free drinks. Only after the event, they were allowed to go to Paris for sightseeing.

At the end of her memoir, the Kyrgyz student wrote: “We returned to Prague. I felt sad and even the souvenirs I bought in Paris couldn’t cheer me up. Thinking about the whole experience, a proverb comes to mind: only the mousetrap has free cheese. ”

By Mazda Parsi

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