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Huge costs, numerous speakers and almost no news coverage

On the MEK's annual meeting in Berlin

Maryam Rajavi

The annual meeting of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) was held on Sunday, July 9th. This year’s Rajavi rally was held in Berlin. Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the organization, was unable to attend the ceremony due to a legal ban on leaving France. She addressed the gathering via video conference, but a list of 35 former Western officials spoke at the ceremony.
Western officials from Canada and the United States to France, Italy, Britain and Estonia attended the gathering, which was called “Free Iran Summit 2024”. Naturally, these people did not mention in their speeches how much money they had been paid for speaking in support of the MEK, but according to the reports of the Western media in the past years, former officials are paid high five-digit fees for five-minute speeches in MEK rallies.

For example, John Bolton, the former security advisor of US, had received at least 180,000 dollars in speaking fees from the political platform of the MEK, the so-called National Council of Resistance until May 2019. Add the costs of first-class flights to Berlin and stay in luxurious hotels to the speaking fees. Then, Multiply the average amount by at least 36. This is only one part of the expenses of the annual meeting of the MEK.

Among the other exorbitant expenses for holding the gathering of the Cult of Rajavi, one can mention demonstrators from all over Europe, renting non-Iranian participants, transporting them, preparing vests, hats, flags and brochures for them and giving them food and drinks. Yes, so far, no Iranian opposition has managed to cover such expenses for a one-day gathering. But what does the MEK gain by paying these costs?

Despite the large number of cameras and monitors in the gathering on July 9, the news coverage of the event was almost nothing. Even the Iran International TV channel, which sometimes covered the gathering of the group in previous years, ignored the event this year. In the English language media, the situation is even worse. In a simple search on Google, almost all of the sites publishing the news of the rally in English belong to or are affiliated with the MEK.

large investments of the MEK on the dollars they were paid by Saddam Hussein in the 1980s and thousands of brainwashed organizational forces have not brought good profits to the group. Meanwhile, last week, a small group of former members of the MEK and Albanian citizens who are members of Nejat Society Albania managed to attract the attention of a large number of Albanian people and media by holding a simple meeting with the lowest expenses in Tirana. They succeeded to get enough attention in their own scale.

After this year’s gathering, social media users did not care about the use of anti-Mujahideen hashtags and somehow preferred to ignore the group and its leaders. Ignoring the MEK is the best way to face this destructive cult and the best way to prove that it is not popular.

The gatherings of the MEK with their contradictory slogans are part of the Rajavis’ propaganda, which has been neglected by Iranians inside and outside the country for years. Consciously ignoring the MEK indicates that the Iranian audience is always several steps ahead of the propaganda machine of the group.

By Mazda Parsi

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