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Former MKO lobbyist denounce Paris gathering

Lebanese journalist and researcher Mr. Nafez Ali Almora’bi who previously was the main Arab lobbyist for the Mujahedin Khalq Organization to mobilize Arab citizens for the group’s gatherings in Europe, refused to attend this year’s MKO gathering in Paris.

The MKO’s annual gathering was held at Bourget-Paris Air show, on Saturday July 9th. Whlie a number of former authorities of the West and the Arab world attended the meeting Mr. Almora’bi denied to attend it because of the group’s ties with Israeli lobbies. He also denounced the group’s masquerade show at Bourget in his Facebook status under the title “Points on the MKO’s conference in Paris”. He tried to illuminate unaware audience about the reality of the MKO propaganda.

Mr. Almora’bi who has several times visited certain former members of the MKO, warns about the MKO’s exaggerated propaganda about the gathering that the group claims to have been attended by over a hundred thousand people. “It is absolutely wrong. In the entire Paris and its suburb there is no such a hall that fits such a population”, he writes. “As I know, the “Stade de France” is the biggest stadium in France which doesn’t have such a capacity. “

Mr. Almora’bi clarifies that political figures who attend the MKO gathering have personal motivations and reasons which is not associated with the real cause of the gathering at all.

The fact that the “rented crowd” are bused to the Paris gathering is also confirmed by Mr. Almora’bi. “The so- called public support which is shown in the group’s media are actually dozens (not hundreds) of Arab refugees particularly Syrians who are brought from all over Europe for a “Free trip to Paris” and were “paid “to attend the celebration”, he states.

Ali Nafez Almora’bi who was once a link between the MKO and Arab political figures, denounces the group’s increasing efforts to associate with Western lobbies and even anti- Arab lobbies.

The Lebanese journalist notifies that the MKO’s lavish gathering is not effective as it has never been in previous decades, although the group was once widely supported by Iraqi former dictator Saddam Hussein.

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