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Grand Iranian Gathering or Huge Misinformation Campaign?

Year after year, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) holds its so-called Grand Gathering in Villepinte, Paris where a large crowd –including paid Western former politicians, black Africans and European students– is assembled from all over the world. Ordinary attendees who are eager to go on a free trip to the most eye-catching European capital are bused to the gathering show by different means of propaganda effectively used by the MKO.

Although the leader of the MKO cult of personality Maryam Rajavi claims that "today’s gathering reflects the will of the Iranian people from all walks of life", the documented reports, photos and testimonies of the attendees of previous Villepinte rally has always proved the opposite.

Just like a tradition these revealing stories are published a few days after the alleged Grand Gathering every year. You may remember the Polish students who could not resist the offer of a three-day trip to the French capital for only 6 Euros! [1]

Or you must recall the diary of a Kyrgyz student Alina Alymkulova who recounted in Radio Free Europe how she was recruited to travel from Prague to Paris to attend a rally for the MKO in June 2013. [2]

But this year’s gathering was encountered with an immediate harsh reaction by the French Government. French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal criticized the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran, or Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, for “its violent and non-democratic inspirations,” ‘’cult nature” and “intense campaign of influence and disinformation”, reported the Associated Press. [3]

Romain Nadal also stated that France has no contact with the MKO "which is known for resorting to violence". The group has "no legal existence in France in the form of an Organization," Nadal stressed referring to its "sectarian practices". "We express our greatest reservations faced with the intense lobbying and disinformation campaign being carried out" by the MKO, He warned. [4]

While Rajavi criticizes the Unites States and the United Nations for their failure to relocate residents of camp Liberty in third countries, the expenses of organizing such a huge rally – at least one hundred politicians are offered first class flights and luxurious hotels in Paris by the MKO propaganda arm— could have been spent for the resettlement process of 3000 individuals who are taken as hostages by the cult leaders in the critical situation of Iraq.

The long list of former Western high profiles –mostly from warmonger parties– who address the MKO rally in Villepinte indicates that the rally is actually a misinformation campaign that never seeks the aspirations of the Iranian public. It is absolutely a heavy-funded act of propaganda for Maryam Rajavi to show off its fake prominence among Iranians.

Mazda Parsi



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