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Reflections on Nejat Society’s grand gathering in Albanian media

Nejat Albania's great gathering

On June 23, 2024, Nejat Society Albania, held a gathering in Tirana. The gathering was welcome by the Albanian public and media.

As an officially registered Albanian entity, founded by former members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and Albanian citizens, Nejat Society Albania received a large number of Albanians and Iranians living in Albania, in Tufinë district of Tirana. The event was covered by correspondents from various Albanian media outlets.

The news coverage of the gathering was done by several Albanian TV and radio channels and news outlets. They considered the gathering as a conference on human rights of members of the MEK who are confined and tortured in the group’s camp in Manez, in North of Tirana. They reported on testimonies of defectors of the MEK who are current members of Nejat Society Albania and on the speakers of the event who defended the rights of MEK members and their families in Iran.

The conference was regarded as humanitarian event which was focused on the rights of Iranians who are taken as hostages in Manez and their families who are not allowed to travel to Albania to visit their loved ones. It was also perceived as a cultural opportunity for mutual relationships between Iranians and Albanians.

The Albanian media that reported on Nejat Society Albania’s grand gathering are the below-mentioned ones with the following titles:

Conference from Nejat Albania on human rights and violations that have had human consequences


Integration of Iranians in Albania, conference on human rights

The Iranians of Tirana are happy to have escaped from the hands of the MEK

Alfa Press:
The conference on human rights, the great cultural event

Crystal Media:
The grand conference of Nejat – Tortures of the MEK

Conference from Nejat on human rights

Tirana TV:
Conference from Nejat Albania

The grand conference of Nejat – Violations of the MEK and the torture of their members

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