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The MEK’s grand gathering postponed – terrorist threats and conspiracies?

The annual gathering of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) was postponed due to what the group calls “terrorist threats and conspiracies”. The group was supposed to hold its annual gathering, the so-called “Free Iran World Summit”, on July 23 and 24 in Camp Ashraf 3, Albania. The MEK’s official announcement did not explain from which side the terrorist threats and conspiracies would come.

The news of the postponement of the MEK’s luxurious annual gathering which embraced a large number of former western politicians as well-paid speakers on behalf of the group, was proceeded by the news of the inspection of the properties of ASILA members. ASILA is an association founded by former members of the MEK together with some Albanian citizens in order to support the Iranians living in Albania.

ASILA members were inspected under the allegations of working with the Iranian security service. The Albanian anti-terrorism Police (SPAK) freed the inspected members soon after they did not find any illegal items in the properties of Asila members. However, the news was partly published so as some spies related to the Iranian government were arrested. The biased attitude to cover the story led to another news which was the hacking of the Albanian government system. It was never reported that how and to what extent the system was hacked but it was simply claimed that it was hacked by the Iranian government. No evidence was given to support this claim.
The same approach is repeated in case of the postponement. This time the US embassy in Tirana appears to warn about the alleged security threats. In response to the silence by the side of the Albanian media to cover the truth about the MEK, its current members and its former members, one of the Albanian members of ASILA, Dr. Olsi Jazexhi tried to illuminate the Albanian audience about the recent news on the MEK.

“The MEK was supposed to be received in the Albanian territory as a humanitarian move but it was not supposed to use the Albanian territory for establishment of its rebel units in Iran and for launching cyber-attacks against the Iranian governmental systems,” he said in an inter view with the Albanian MCN TV.

He warned the authorities of his country about Albania’s involvement in clashes between the MEK and a foreign country. The interview was actually done two days before the US embassy declares the cancelation of the MEK’s gathering. Then, Jazexhi taged Maryam Rajavi twitting, “The US uses @Maryam_Rajavi as a prostitute. When they need, they use her, when they don’t they simply dump here! No #FreeIran2022.”

He emphasized at the consequences of such an incident for the MEK leaders:
“The cancelation of #FreeIran2022 will be a major setback for the image & position of Maryam Rajavi, in mujaheden camp. Many mujahedens who hate Rajavi will use this cancelation as a reason for internal riot in the camp. The myth that Rajavi build as indispensable to US, is gone. Pressured by USEmbassyTirana the mojaheden gang of Maryam Rajavi, Mujahedin have cancelled their FreeIran2022 anti-Iranian event. Some force majeure, probably the Vienna Nuclear talks have forced the Americans to put their mojaheden dogs on leash. My condolences to Rajavi! twitter.com/USEmbassyTirana. Saudis have lost a billion dollars with this cancelation and Mossad should be running bersek. Congratulation to #Iranians all over the world. Maryam Rajavi could not “liberate” you even this year.”

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