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Iraq Army‘s practical act in expelling MKO from the country

After the Iraqi criminal court ruling for the dismissal of Mujahedin –e khalq organization (a.k.a MKO, MEK, PMOI, NCRI, NLA, Rajavis’ cult…) from Iraq and repeated warnings of the Iraqi government asking the terror cell to leave Iraq and the group’s inattention, Eventually the Iraq army practically acted in expelling MKO from the country.

Clashes erupted as the Iraqi Army was setting up a security checkpoint in a cemetery inside the camp, when Mujahedin-e Khalq clashed with the Iraqi Army using batons and stones. 13 Iraqi soldiers were injured during the clashes including five officers among whom a Major.

MKO with a long history of terror and violence is responsible for the assassination of over 12,000 innocent people in Iran and even a vey larger number in Iraq while assisting former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in massacre of Iraqi Kurds and suppressing the Shiites intifada.

The MKO parasitic presence in Iraq is against the Iraqi constitution and the will of Iraqi people as well.

Holding several protest rallies and demonstrations, The Iraqi people frequently demanded the group’s expulsion from Iraq for the crimes they have so far committed against the Iraqi nation as Saddam’s private army.

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