Iraq is adamant about expelling terrorists

Iraq blasts were engineered from abroad: security advisor

TEHRAN – A top Iraqi security official has said foreign hands were behind aAl-Rubaie also said his government is adamant about expelling the terrorist MKO group from the country. recent wave of terror attacks across the country which left at least 140 people dead, half of them Iranians.

“Recent blasts in Iraq were directed by foreign agents,” Iraqi national security advisor Muwafaq al-Rubaie said, according to Alforat TV.

“It is impossible that a terror group can continue its operation in a country unless it gets logistical and financial support from abroad,” the security official noted after a meeting with Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani.

Iran has faulted the U.S. for the murder of pilgrims in Iraq, accusing it of failing to establish security in the country.

Al-Rubaie said he briefed the ayatollah about the national security issues. However, he said, “We believe that the general atmosphere is very good in the country.”

Al-Rubaie also said his government is adamant about expelling the terrorist MKO group from the country.

“It is impossible that we allow this group stays in Iraq because this issue contradicts our constitution.”

He added the MKO had “committed crimes against the Iraqi people.”

He said the only alternative facing the MKO is returning to Iran or going to a third country.

Al-Rubaie announced in March that Iraqi security forces have besieged Camp Ashraf housing members of Mojahedin Khalq Organization. The camp is home to 3,500 people.

On a visit to Iran on Jan. 23, Rubaie said Camp Ashraf would be ""part of history within two months"".

MKO immigrated to Iraq in the 1980s and fought alongside Iraqi forces against Iran during Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988).

The group has claimed responsibility for carrying out numerous terror attacks against Iranian nationals and officials, and has also been accused of assisting former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the slaughter of thousands of Iraqi civilians in the 1990s

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