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Is Israel next option for MKO?

The People Mujahedin of Iran has a long history of treason and shifting in its blankbelief so the settlement of MKO forces in Israel soil is not an unexpected option. There are many reasons for such a move. As in the cult of Rajavi the goal has always justified the means, the above-mentioned option could be an alternative for MEK remaining forces after their expulsion from Iraq.
Anyone who has studied the MKO’s background would also have found out that in the early years of its foundation, the MKO members were sent to Palestine to receive military training from the Palestinian armed groups such as PLO. Regarding this fact, one many think its too bizarre that the MKO takes refugee in a nation to which they have once been hostile but the truth is that shifting the believes to an opposite one is far from new in the history of MKO cult.
There are so many other examples like these: The very MKO organization that has assassinated American military personnel and civilians in the 1970’s, is now lobbying to gain the American congress support. It’s a common contradiction in MKO that the so-called former imperialism is now their savior.
The similar approach is headed by MKO towards Israel. The main supporters of MKO in the US government including Raymond Tanter are the leading promoters of the Israeli lobby, AIPAC which is the strongest lobby in the American administration and the best option to advocate MEK’s cause in US. Therefore, the former enemy of America and Israel has transferred to an ally that is the enemy of their enemy and so their friend.
MKO claims to have denounced the alleged intelligence on the Iranian nuclear program, and AliReza Jaafarzade uses it as a pretext to advocate MKO support in his shows on FoxNews, but according to various sources their intelligence had basically come from the Israelis and MKO was only a loud speaker! In case of MEK’s expulsion from Iraq and the shut down of Camp Ashraf their new safe heaven could be Israeli since no third country has accepted to grant refugee to the MKO terrorists. However, the serious violation of human rights in Camp Ashraf and the cult-like manipulation practices of MEK leaders would surely end with the defection of a large number of members. After the fall of Saddam many (about 600) members used the very small overture in the gates of Ashraf and escaped out of the bars of the cult. Thus, there won’t be a lot of people to go to the safe heaven of Israel, following the closure of Ashraf, for it will be an opportunity for those who have long been threatened and forced to stay in the cult under the physical and mental pressure of cult leaders.
By Mazda Parsi

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