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Masud Rajavi and his Forth Option

Once more, Masud Rajavi, runaway leader of MKO Cult, brought his head out of his shelter to issue a new statement. This is not the first time Rajavi tries to present himself and his organization as a powerful, effective weight in Iranian political scene but the surprising thing about his letter is that, this time he addressed the Iranian government, particularly the Assembly of Experts (of which the duty is to surprise the supreme leader, to dismiss or to install him).

Although, in his letter, Rajavi makes too much effort to claim that he doesn’t consider the IRI regime as legitimate, he views them deserved enough to offer them two suggestions and an advice! After three decades of denouncing Iranian regime, now Rajavi is addressing the Assembly of Experts, recognizing its duty and also the principal of Velayat-e-Faqih; his suggestions include the dismissal of Ayatollah Khamenei (Supreme Leader) and installation of Ayatollah Montazari as the supreme Leader. In a new U-turn in his strategy and also ideology, not only he accepts Velayat Faqih but also he assigns a particular candidate for this position. The fact that contradicts the whole history of Mujahedin-e-Khalq.

Disappointed by his Western supporters and following the fall of his ex-land-lord, Saddam Hussein, Rajavi finds his third option a failed tactic, so he is seeking the solution within the regime itself, even though he prefaces his message by saying that he finds it “extremely difficult to be addressing the Assembly of Experts which symbolizes the usurpation of the right to people’s sovereignty “. This claim seems very bizarre due to its contradictory concept. How can Mr. Rajavi offer suggestions to Assembly of Experts that he basically views illegal?!

The leader of MKO cult claims that he offered his suggestions and advice on behalf of the Iranian people and all those sentenced to death and tortured as well as political prisoners, but how does he reply those who are captured in Camp Ashraf under heavy psychological manipulation of his personality cult? How can he explain the contradictions of his message to the members who have always been told that Velayat Faqih is rejected by MKO’s ideology? Of course in the suppressive isolating atmosphere of Rajavi’s Cult nothing is analyzing or explained. The members don’t dare to think of these contradictions. U –turns in Rajavis’ strategies is a common fact and there is no right to members to ask why?

Mazda Parsi

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