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American News Site Speaks of MEK-Israel Alliance for Terror Acts in Iran

Mohsen fakhrizade

On the 70th anniversary of the US-run coup against the Iranian democratic leader, Mohammad Mosaddeq, Daily Kos pointed out the part of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/ MKO) as the West’s operative terror arm inside Iran.

The author of the article, Meteor Blades investigates the West’s attitude towards Iran as a rich country in oil and other resources. According to the article, there is bipartisan consensus in the heights of U.S. foreign policy circles for curtailing Iran, particularly what is usually labeled its “nuclear ambitions.”

The hostile approach of the West has kept on until now. Blades criticizes the US warmongers: “While conventional war, the bomb-bomb-bomb Iran approach, has been so far avoided because that still remains a last resort of the bipartisan consensus, other attacks on Iran have continued, including by means of Stuxnet, the cyber-weapon built by the National Security Agency together with CIA and Israeli intelligence and used to temporarily cripple the uranium enrichment operations in Natanz, Iran.”

Mohsen fakhrizade

Mohsen Fakhrizade assassiniation- iran nuclear scientists

The MEK is a tool in this aggressive approach against Iran. The author states just one of the services that the terrorist Cult of Rajavi has offered the enemies of the Iranian nation: “There are, in addition, assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists by the Iranian terrorist organization Mojahedin-e-Khalq assisted with funding and training assistance of America’s ally Israel.”
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