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People inside the MEK camp face HR abuses regularly, former member

Mostafa Beheshti

Mostafa Beheshti , former member of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization, reveals on Vox News Albania, that men and women inside the camp face human rights abuses regularly, including rape.

In an interview, published by VOX News Albania, a former member of the MEK, Mustafa Beheshti, revealed what happened inside the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organisation (MKO) camp located in Manza, Durrës.

Mostafa Beheshti, according to the news website, broke down in tears as he described the agony he experienced at the camp which he escaped after 18 years of suffering. The former member, who is 40 years old, said he was only allowed to leave after he threatened to burn himself alive.

It was also reported that Mostafa Beheshti underscored that the MKO camp was filled with well-trained terrorists and are very dangerous. The former member stated “The oldest are soldiers and they know a lot of things. Many of them lived in America and were IT engineers. Even now there are people in America working for them. They have a lot of money.”

Mostafa Beheshti then went on to highlight that people in the camp had no freedom and that their basic human rights were violated. For example, he explained that his late brother had not seen his son or family for 22 years before he died. He said “After 22 years, I want to see my family. We can’t go there, our families can’t come here.”

Moreover, Mostafa Beheshtii stressed that “there are many women and men who are raped every day there.”

The former member, who currently lives in Tirana, also explained that “we substantiated every fact there and often they accused us that you are not Mujahid.” As for their day-to-day life,  Beheshti said “If you talked to a girl or joked with her, they would consider you immoral and lecture you.”

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