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An inside report on the MEK by a former high-ranking member

Davood Baghervand Arshad

“Who are Mek cult?” is the title of an inside report for the first time presented by the defected high-ranking member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), Davod Baghervand Arshad.
The video content covers the answers to the following issues about the MEK, the notorious Cult of Rajavi:
Who assassinated the Americans in Tehran?
MEK and spying for Russia
Did CIA destroy MEK-Russia spy net?
How the MEK retaliated?
Seizure of US Embassy in Tehran?
The MEK’s Islamist Revolutionary Courts
The MEK and the Children in the combat
The MEK and Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Saudi Arabia
The MEK as Assassinators
Who is the head wife in the MEK Leader’s Harem?
Have they changed?
How does Maryam Rajavi deceive the western world?
How does the MEK’ terrorism differ from ISIS and Al Qaeda’s terrorism?
Why is the MEK more dangerous?
Use of 10-year-old children in combat by the MEK.
Who are the wives of the harem of the Caliph of the MEK?
MEK’s planed courts and justice for their Islamic State describe by its Calipha.
How can the world protect itself against the threat of terrorism by the side of the MEK?
Assassination of Americans, hostage taking in US Embassy in Tehran under the MEK’s support.

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