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The MEK crimes in Iraq, now repeating in Albania

A reliable and knowledgeable source from Albania, who wished to remain anonymous, sent the following:

Rajavi’s organization in Albania is trying hard to repeat the scenario of its old exhibition in Iraq during the time of Saddam Hussein, now in Albania.
Maryam Rajavi is recruiting corrupt elements in the Albania police and in secret service to fight against ASILA members.
At that time in Iraq, any fugitive from the MEK was imprisoned in the dreaded Abu Ghraib prison, or even worse, killed and buried somewhere in the deserts of Iraq in a remote grave.

Fortunately, in our country Albania, Rajavi needs much more effort and money to neutralize the members of ASILA.
Rajavi’s organization in Albania is trying to file a legal case against some members of ASILA, accepting huge expenses. It has even been strongly demanded that these Iranians who did not want to continue with Maryam Rajavi be charged with charges ranging from espionage to terrorist acts.
Until now, these corrupt elements in our police and anti-terrorism department have resisted Maryam Rajavi’s continuous demands towards the Albanians (Olsi Jazexhi, Gjergji Thanasi, and lawyers and journalists, etc.) These people are afraid of their reactions.

Such elements of the police and secret services, receiving huge amounts of bribes, try hard to file court cases against ASILA members on charges such as unauthorized public gatherings, spreading false news that causes panic among people, resisting police officers, etc. They are trying to persecute the quasi-official ASILA members and their supporters in every possible way.

So far, they have failed twice in their actions and their proposed cases have not been accepted by the judicial system. They try to intimidate ASILA members and supporters of this society or send them to court with false accusations, but they have not succeeded.

During this period, the manufactured cases have not been accepted by the Albanian judicial system for legal prosecution, but they do not stop trying to persecute. The amount of money Rajavi’s organization spends in this regard is really amazing.
You know that the judiciary in Albania is independent and their actions have already failed twice, but Rajavi’s organization continues to try and spend money.

I know that the corrupt elements in our Albanian police and security system are surprised why Rajavi’s organization is willing to spend so much money and time to harass those who no longer want to be with them.

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