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The mother of Ali Hajari’s Congratulations message on the birth of Elisa

The mother of Ali Hajari

My dear Ali,
I received the news of the birth of your beautiful daughter on Friday, January 13th , coincidently Mother’s Day in Iran. This was the best and the most valuable gift that you could give me on this occasion. Elisa is the greatest gift the God offered you and our family.

My beloved son,

I hope you could know how happy and pleased I am, as a mother who languished to hear the voice of his son for years. The son that had gone to war to defend his country and his people but was taken as a war prisoner and then was imprisoned in a new prison called Ashraf of the Mujahedin-e Khalq where he lost best years of his younghood earning no job, no education, no income and no wealth.

Elisa Hajari, Daughter of Ali Hajari

Elisa Hajari, Daughter of Ali Hajari

You lost your life under the brainwashing system and the fraudulent propaganda of the Cult of Rajavi where marriage and having baby was forbidden and an impossible wish. You spent those years in the worse and most disastrous conditions until, thanks to God and our prayers, you were released from the cult.
You were again imprisoned this time by the Albanian government two months ago as the result of the plots created by the leaders of the MEK. This unlawful act prevented you from being by the side of your beloved wife while she was going through labor. However, I still believe that the will of God is more powerful than all the devilish plots. I am sure that you and your friends will be free soon. God will bring you back to us.

I am grateful to God that gave me enough life to see your child, my grandchild. Send the congrats of me and all your siblings to your caring and kind wife who protested and complained your detention despite the difficult conditions of pregnancy.
Wishing you freedom and your warm company by the side of your daughter and family. I kiss you.

Your mother Sakineh Avazzadeh (Hajari)

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