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Crimes of MKO in Iraq discussed

Dr. Abdalzahra Mohye: Iraqis have suffered from crimes committed by MKO
Iraqi intellectuals meet Habilian Secretary General

Iraqi intellectuals meet Habilian Secretary General

Mashhad- A number of Iraqi elites and intellectuals met and exchanged ideas with Secretary General of Habilian Association over the current status of Iraq and also the presence of terrorist cult of Mojahedin-e Khalq within this country. After welcoming the arrival of the delegation in the holy city of Mashhad at the beginning of the meeting, Mohammad Javad Hashemi Nejad expressed his happiness to host his Iraqi brothers and said: We are very much pleased of the ongoing relations between the people of two brotherly nations of Iran and Iraq and also the strong ties between the authorities of the two countries. No one could possibly find any other two nations around the world closer to each other than Iran and Iraq.

Hashemi Nejad notified the demise of dictatorship systems in the region and the support of colonial powers to them and said: considering the events that have occurred during past three or four decades one can easily find out that the use of force would not work and an instance of that is what we witnessed in Iran. The Shah of Iran which was supported and appointed the Gendarme of the region by Americans was easily brought down by the Islamic revolution.

At the same time, we saw the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Then we saw how the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was toppled. We would also witness how American forces who occupied Iraq for their own interests become involved in the fate of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

Secretary-General of the Organization representing the families of the martyrs of terrorism in Iran then referred to the attempts of Americans in order to sow discord among the peoples of Iraq and Iran and said: the United States of America was up to follow the policy of divide and rule in he region ; but we are still friends and there exist very strong relations between us. The colonial powers have always sought for a way to influence the viewpoints of the peoples of the two nations and this is why the responsibilities and pledges of the elites and intellectuals of the two countries is now more difficult than ever and any mistake would have irreparable consequences.

Martyr Hashemi Nejad’s son then spoke about the elections in Iraq and said: we have seen how Americans attempts to influence the Iraqi elections and their efforts to change the results failed.

The expert in the issues related to Iraq condemned America’s double standards in facing the issue of terrorism and said: The arrival of United States in Iraq was concurrent with the entrance of terrorists to Iraq. Now after the handover of the security issues to the Iraqi government the security situation has improved and terrorist operations have reduced to a high extent. In fact, the U.S has provided support for terrorist groups such as MKO (Mojahedin-e Khalq) which is designated as terrorist by America itself. This is an indication to the fact that not only America doesn’t want to fight with terrorism but also it tries to take advantage from terrorist groups.

Hashemi Nejad also said: Americans support MKO terrorist group to pressure against the Iraqi people and government .We must be careful because MKO is a very deceitful group and master of manipulation. All statements they post in the internet on behalf of the Iraqi people and authorities are false. They are professional in giving out false statistics. For example, they announced that five million two hundred thousand of the Iraqi people are on their side and support their presence in Iraq. Then they declare that three million Iraqi Shiites also demand their survival in Iraq; but until this moment none of these so called three million Shiite supporters have asked the government not to expel the group from Iraq.
Then Hashemi Nejad referred to MKO false propagations in the media over the interference of Iran in the internal affairs of Iraq and said: they have staged a large wave of false allegations in the media with the help of Americans against Iran while accusing Iran of having role in destabilizing Iraq; but they haven’t so far presented any document which proves these allegations. This is while America has kept this terrorist group in Iraq and has provided them with unlimited support exactly for the same reason of creating insecurity and sabotage inside Iraq so as to justify the presence of American forces in Iraq. There is also a second reason for the support America decided to provide the group with and that’s their presumptions based on which the attack on Iran will come after the invasion of Iraq, and in this sense terrorist cult of MKO would be useful for them as a source of espionage.
Another reason why MKO is still in Iraq is the refrainment by all nations of the world to give asylum to the group because they consider it a terrorist organization.
Here I should notify that the Islamic Republic of Iran has offered amnesty to those MKO members in camp Ashraf whose hands are not stained with the blood of the innocent people but as the existence of these deceived elements in Ashraf would guarantee the future of the MKO gang leaders and the fact that the leadership looks at them as human shields, therefore it’s ready to sacrifice them for its own survival and that way there would happen a human catastrophe in Ashraf.

Dr. Abdalzahra Mohye who is a university professor enumerated a part of MKO crimes in Iraq and said: I would like to talk about one of our common concerns which is the presence of MKO terrorist organization in Iraq. We know very well that the United States brought up MKO terrorist gang in order to implement criminal schemes against the peoples of Iran and Iraq in the past and even now. I want to tell you that many and Iraqi families have suffered from crimes committed by MKO. As the private army of Saddam Hussein, this little group assisted former regime to massacre Iraqi Kurds and suppress Shiites Intifada.
I saw it with my own eyes how they killed innocent people in a mosque in Baghdad’s Sadr district.
Dr. Abdalzahra Mohye also said: The Iraqi people will not support this criminal gang and will never bear their presence in Iraq.

Dr Ne’me Shihab was another speaker to the meeting who asked Secretary General of Habilian if he believes MKO claims about gathering over five million signatures from Iraqi Shiites whom the group says will support MKO presence in Iraq.
In response to this question Hashemi Nejad said: what is clear is that nobody believes these claims and none of the Iraqi officials confirm such claims. If they have so many

supporters in Iraq why don’t they even stage a rally against MKO expulsion from Iraq? We believe that Al Qaeda was not familiar Iraq and it was MKO which made Al Qaeda familiar with this country. We have talked to many Iraqi tribal leaders and they unanimously said that MKO deceives people and after gathering signatures use them for their own ambitions. We have witnessed the same situation in England, where they follow their terrorist activities and fundraisings under the name of 23 font organizations for human rights.
He also added: All the Iraqi authorities and groups we have met demanded the expulsion of MKO from their country. They believe that MKO receives support from the remnant of Baathis and some notorious figures like Salih al-Mutlak and Khalaf al-Ayan that prefer their personal interests to their national interests.

Dr. Mothanna al-Fadhli was another speaker of the meeting who said: Mr. Hashemi Nejad mentioned that MKO interferes in the Iraqi affairs indirectly; but I should say that they directly meddle in our internal affairs. They come out of camp Ashraf and declare they are Iranians. Then start killing Iraqi people. What I should remind you of is that Shiites never support such a terrorist organization and MKO and its supporters are quite notorious for the Iraqis.

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