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“Iran victim of terrorism” in Tafresh University

Habilian Association (Iranian terror victims’ families) held an exhibition in Tafresh University under the title of “Iran; victim of terrorism”.

As reported by Habilian Association website, keeping on its active presence in the universities throughout the country, this time Habilian Association held an exhibition about the crimes MKO has so far committed and their enmity with Iranian nation for the illumination of the young generation especially university students and academics in Tafresh.

In this exhibition which had, like other Habilian exhibitions in the universities, getting the university students familiar with Mujahedin-e Khalq terrorist cult on top of its goals, students with different political viewpoints visited the exhibition.

Some students who were new entries were either unaware of the existence of such a terrorist cult or at most heard that once there had been a band of Iranian traitors who had betrayed their own people during the Iraq-Iran war by fighting on the side of Saddam Hussein. Some students had limited information about MKO treasonous role in France and Iraq and also the assassination of top Iranian political figures during the early years of Iran after the Islamic Revolution.

In this exhibition new aspects of MKO long history of violence and terror were brought to the eyes of the students; images of MKO crimes in engineering operations , in one of which three guardians were tortured to death in a team house, killings of women and children in our cities, mortar attacks on residential areas, manipulation and brain washing methods they imposed on their rank and file members and a full list of names of more than 16 thousand terror victims over 12 thousands of whom were directly killed by MKO formed different parts of the exhibition.
The first comprehensive software program on MKO terrorism – Qabilian – which was very much welcomed by the students and playing the Wolves documentary which dealt with different dimensions of MKO treasons and the money which was given to MKO by the Ba’ath party in return for their betrayal during the war were other parts of the exhibition.

Providing the students with the images of students martyred by MKO, the most complete bank of books with topics concerning MKO, recognition and informing the students of MKO inter-cultic relations including weekly confessions, self immolations and compulsory divorces were other programs of the exhibition.

One of the aims of this exhibition was to make more familiar the younger generation with the crimes MKO has so far committed against Iranian as well as Iraqi nations and to let them know the fact that Iran has suffered serious damages from terrorist groups and is an oppressed victim of terrorism.

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