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Iraq’s Kurd elite meet Habilian SG

In a meeting with the secretary general of Habilian Association (families of 16000 Iranian terror victims), a group of Iraq’s Kurdistan elite insisted on developing cooperation to counter the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

"US backs terrorists in Iraq"

"The US is backing terrorists in Iraq following the fall of Saddam Hussein," Muhammad Javad Hashemi Nejad said in a meeting with a number of Iraqi Kurd officials, Shia and Sunni religious scholars and journalists. "The Iraqi people were willing to determine their own destiny, but they were prevented by the US as they technically supported the terrorists," he added according to Habilian Association website.

"The US can counter terrorists in Iraq easily if it wills to do so," Habilian Association secretary general insisted.

"US, the main support to the MKO"

"The US keeps being the main support to the MKO, though it considers it as a terrorist organization," he added. "Who can believe that the MKO members are living in Iraq’s Camp Ashraf as civilians? The cult has a 40-year background of terror efforts and it needs to keep it in order to survive."

"MKO’s crimes are unprecedented"

"MKO’s crimes, including assassinating more than 70 Iranian senior officials in a single operation as well as more than 12000 ordinary people, torturing Iranian Guards and civilians to martyrdom and assisting Saddam Hussein against Iran as well as Iraq’s Shias and Kurds, are unprecedented," Hashemi Nejad said in reply to Sheikh Bashir Adil Guli, the director of Shahid al-Mihrab Foundation in Iraq’s Kurdistan, who asked him about details of the cult’s crimes.

"MKO is a terrorist organization"

"The MKO is a terrorist organization and as representatives of Iraq’s Kurds, we are against its terror efforts and want them to be prevented," said Ali Ahmad Ali, an Iraqi lawyer attending the meeting.

"It’s very fortunate that the MKO was fully removed from Kurdistan following Iraq’s Intifada Sha’baniyyah in 1991," said Mulla Hassan Muhammad.

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