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Camp Ashraf – A Tale of Fairies and Devils

These past few weeks and months we have witnessed the extensive uproar and hubbub from the PMOI’s leader Mrs. Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo [aka Rajavi], regarding her Iraqi Garrison, Camp Ashraf, which is the legal property and real estate of Iraq and its prominent and distinguished government. Decades ago, Camp Ashraf was of course, given over to the PMOI by the former president of Iraq, the toppled dictator, Saddam Hussein. However, the PMOI never have had legal ownership of the land or its facilities.

The PMOI and its political wing, the NCRI, have insulted and slandered Iraq’s honorable prime minister, Mr. Nouri Al Maliki, and the distinguished and popular government of Iraq over taking control of its property. The PMOI described them as “mercenaries of the Iranian government” verbally and in written statements which have been published in their websites and broadcast on their TV on several occasions.

Mrs. Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo, who is leading one of the most vicious and inhumane cults which has committed many crimes in Iraq during the era of the previous overthrown government, should accept the dazzling and eye popping fact that Saddam Hussein and his government have already been overthrown by Iraq’s freedom-loving people, and that the current popular government is totally in charge of its land and territory. Consequently, according to their national sovereignty and new constitution after the fall of Saddam Hossein, they are entitled to take over their property, the garrison, which was loaned to the PMOI as a gift for their participation in suppressing Iraqi people during the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein as well as acting like a scarecrow for Saddam’s political and military benefits vis-a-vis Iran.

Mrs. Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo should and must answer this rational and logical question; how come has she not expounded on or taken any position against the savagery and brutality of the former Iraq dictator, Saddam Hussein up to now? And instead, she and her colleagues have tried their best to distort and defame the current popular government of Iraq and its prominent and dignified prim-minister. They have not spoken a word regarding their previous host and landlord, Saddam Hussein and his atrocities and suppressive attitude. WHY? This is a question that politicians and the PMOI’s lobbyists and backers should ask Mrs. Azdanlo.

Under Saddam Hussein, Ashraf Garrison and Saddam’s Private Army (aka PMOI) was under the direct supervision of the Iraqi soldiers who lived and worked inside Ashraf. So, how come your personnel inside Ashraf were not subjected to rape and assault by Iraqi soldiers then, but they are subjected to that now?

Calling its current landlord and host ‘mercenaries of the Iranian government’ and linking them to Iran and worst of all, accusing and slandering the Iraqi police of committing assault and rape against the residents of this garrison is a totally absurd and preposterous allegation. It is used deliberately by the PMOI, and in fact Mrs. Azdanlo and her colleagues are trying their best to provoke and instigate the government of Iraq to retaliate so they can take advantage of the alleged retaliation and divert the public opinion away from the reality of the scene on the ground which is that Iraq’s national sovereignty gives it the right to take back its property and deal with Saddam Hussein’s associates, co-operators and mercenaries (who suppressed Iraqi people shoulder to shoulder and alongside their boss, Saddam Hussein), and that this be done by Iraq’s current popular government and its judicial system.

Mrs. Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo and her associates are provoking their desperate members to continue a deadly hunger strike and lose their lives just because she wants to cover up and hide the horrifying fact which is their bloody hands and their cultic content from being exposed and revealed by putting the PMOI’s suspects on trial in an Iraqi court of law and before Iraqi judicial system.

In Rajavi’s cult, there is a rule which says, whoever is with me is my friend and if not, is my enemy. This is the main criteria and guideline which this organization utilizes to deal and adjust with its own members and the world. It does not matter who is that person, organization, or government, they will be labeled as an ‘agent or agents of the Iranian intelligence ministry’ or ‘subordinates of Iran’s supreme leader’ and ‘mercenaries of the absolute clerical rule’ if they do not pay homage to Mrs. Maryam Azdanlo and her inhumane cult. In their cultic Ideology, they believe that only the people who are on their side are honorable and the rest are evil and they are entitled to be labeled as mercenaries, torturers, agents, rapists, wrongdoers and etc.

In their ideology they believe that Ashraf garrison is their fairyland and the people who are residing there are the best God created creatures, Massoud Rajavi is the God sent leader and Maryam Azdanlo is an innocent fairy and the rest of the world are criminals and devils unless they convert and accept their cultic ideology and begin flattering and eulogizing PMOI leaders and their cultic ideology.

By all descriptions in this article, it is not very strange to understand why Rajavi’s cult and its leader continues to label, insult, swear at and slander whoever criticizes Mrs. Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo and her cult, even the prime minister of Iraq and his government are not exceptions in this issue. By the way, who is next to be labeled, sworn, insulted by this fairy and her God sent cult? Only God knows.

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