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Camp Ashraf Escapee: Camp Ruled by Violence

Human rights in the Ashraf refugee camp in Iraq are being violated on a daily basis, an escapee told media.

Mujahideen leaders in the camp still have power over the rest of the people there, Mohzen Abbaslou has told private Darik radio. "I had no future in this camp, that’s why I escaped," Abbaslou says.

People were often beaten, forced to work for the leaders, although it wasn’t their responsibility, the escapee explains. He claims that most of the people did not want to stay in the camp, and those who disobeyed orders were beaten constantly and yelled at a lot.

There was no one to turn to when all this happened, Abbaslou said, because the only troops guarding the camp were stationed outside of it. Americans do control the outside and they let no outer threats reach the population of the camp, but there is no one to help with the violence inside, the man explains.

Although he confirms that camp refugees have been long ago stripped of all weapons, Abbaslou says that claims that there hadn’t been an accident in the camp for three years are false. "I myself was severely beaten by the leaders of the Mujahideen organization within the camp nine months after the American troops took guard," he says.

Bulgarian Radio, Darik


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