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Image of Iranian Opposition in US

That the State Department has asked for an additional 75-million dollar budget for promoting media propaganda against Iran and helping Iranian opposition group stirred Iranians groups and organizations in the US, which consider themselves pro-democracy. New Yorker magazine has published a 15-page report to reflect an image of these exile groups and their functions as well as Bush administration’s strategies for changing the regime in Iran.

Part of New Yorker’s report is about the MKO:

…another exile group that has powerful supporters among American conservatives and also in Congress is the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization. Helping this group is illegal since it has been listed as a terrorist organization. Therefore, Mojahedin-with the assistance of their representative, Ali Safavi- have employed three American public relations companies in order to make contact with Republican’s and ask for the removal of the group from terror list. These companies can’t receive money directly from the MKO, so they have to ask for the help of rich Iranians in the US in order to have MKO money in their bank accounts.

In return for these efforts, Raymond Tanter- George Town university professor who held a meeting with Maryam Rajavi in Paris for 6 hours- promised New Yorker correspondent that First Lady, Condy Rice and Maryam Rajavi will appear all together in a photo in the White House in the near future.

New Yorker has also pointed to MKO’s close ties with Israel and their bilateral cooperation. MKO’s strategy is revolving around military strike and freeing the southern parts of Iran.

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