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It should be noticed by all governments, parliaments and the legal persons who confirm these producers of death, unconsciously and are unaware about their deception.

The strategy of death, the meeting about death, the design for death, the training and maneuver for death, the political diplomacy at the service of death, terror for death and death for terror and… In fact the word Mujahid has been a synonym for death.

Which system or person is behind this word? It should bear in mind that from the beginning, when this ideology was just an idea, it was produced and started with the idea of revenge.

It is obvious that, deleting a system and substituting a new one by means of death and aggression came to existence by Rajavi as the head of Mujahedeen sect.

The border and borderline of this ideology is death not only for the insiders but also for the observers. It means that the members should consider their death doubtlessly, and to prove the legitimacy of Rajavi they must follow the strategy of death. So, the death exists from the beginning till the end.

Self-burning and death are normal and acceptable by the organization and the members burn themselves very easily without thinking about the reason and the goal of this work.

As a person who spent about 20 years under this ideology, I am sure that in each part of this world where there is a supporting on killing and massacre, this ideology would be raised.

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