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Full-time job of the MKO

working as Mercenary for Iran’s enemies

It has been near two decades that the Mujahedin Khalq Organizaion (the MKO/MEK/ the PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) propagate its fabrications on Iran’s nuclear program and eventually Iran hawks in the United States and Israel fearmonger about the “threat” of Iran.

MEK mercenaries

If America could be made ignorant and amnestic of the horrors imposed on America by the MKO by selective information, leaks, and by silence brought and made possible by Israel then ISIS had a good chance of being received by the US and maintained by the Zionists for the rainy day.

The secret deals between the cultish, violent regressive MKO –which was an acolyte of Saddam Hussein– and the US warmongers, show that Israel will create a friend out of an enemy of a friend. Considering the fact that the US has no common interest with the MKO –anti Iran stance as an American duty has also been cooked by Israel. In fact, Israel bribes the senators, congressmen, mayors and governors of the allied country to normalize relation with the MKO, a sworn enemy of US with blood on hand.

This is the very reason ISIS can be suspected of collusion with Israel. If the MKO could get removed of terror list, ISIS which has not killed the US citizens –as the MKO did in the 1970s–  could also get but at a time chosen by Israel. Enemy of my enemy is my friend is obsolete ideological term for Israel. For Israel making friendship with the enemies of the friend and then using both of them for its own reactionary interests is the norm.

“Former administration officials like Tom Ridge and Washington think tanks allied with the Israel Lobby have published screeds calling for violent overthrow of the Iranian regime,” Richard Silverstein of the Jewish website Tikun Olam writes. “Their op-eds are bought and paid for by former terror groups like the MeK charged with assassinating U.S. diplomats.  Ridge alone has earned tens of thousands of dollars for giving 15-minute speeches addressed to MeK gatherings around the globe.  Scores of other past officials including Howard Dean, Rudy Giuliani, Ed Rendell, John Bolton, have also joined the gravy train.” [1]

A former CIA agent who writes on the American Herald Tribune, Philip Giraldi revealed the well-paid lobbying campaign of the MKO in the US government. He writes: “Multi-million dollar contracts with Washington lobbying firms experienced at “working” congress backed up by handsome speaking fees have induced many prominent Americans to join the chorus supporting NCRI. Prior to 2012, speaking fees for the group started at $15,000 and went up from there. Former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell reported more than $150,000 in honoraria. Rudy Giuliani has been paid generously for years at $20,000 per appearance for brief, twenty-minute speeches. Bear in mind that MEK was a listed terrorist group at the time and accepting money from it to promote its interests should have constituted material support of terrorism.” [2]

The US paid advocates of the MKO have been very probably informed about the true substance of the MKO by prominent columnists like Philip Giraldi. “MEK is widely regarded as a terrorist cult headed by a bizarre husband and wife team Massoud and Maryam Rajavi,” he asserts. “Its members are required to be celibate and are subjected to extensive brainwashing, physical torture, severe beatings even unto death, and prolonged solitary confinement if they question the leadership.  One scholar who has studied them describes their beliefs as a “weird combination of Marxism and Islamic fundamentalism.” [3]

He suggests that with the sharp turn of the Trump Administration against Iran, the MKO is now finding an audience in the US, “telling the American public that Iran is”cheating”on the nuclear deal”.

A few weeks prior to the article by Philip Giraldi, Yuram Abdullah Weiler published an article on the American Herald Tribune titled “The Iran Nuclear “Threat”: Trump’s Recycled Fake News”. His investigated post exposes the so-called expert Alireza Jafarzadeh as the MKO’s arm in the US war hawk media, the Fox News. He suggests that Jafarzadeh just recycles the same alleged intelligence on the Iran nuclear program that he has repeated over and over since 2002. [4]

“Jafarzadeh gained notoriety in August 2002 when he held a press conference to present “evidence” of a nuclear weapons program in Iran” he writes. “In his 2006 book titled “The Iran Threat,” which reads like a pulp-fiction spy thriller, he admitted that he has worked as a lobbyist for the MeK and even managed to convince 219 members of the U.S. House of Representatives to sign a statement in support of the NCRI […] The similarity of the current (2017) Fox News article and the 2005 press release is striking.” [5]

Where is this intelligence fabricated originally?

The prominent journalist Gareth Porter has several times answered this question based on documented information. A few weeks ago, once more he asserted that Zionism is the main element to run the US policy and the agenda of its terror and propaganda arms in the world. “President Donald Trump’s new Iran policy clearly represents a dangerous rejection of diplomacy in favor of confrontation,” Porter suggests. “But it’s more than that: It’s a major shift toward a much closer alignment of U.S. policy with that of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” [6]

Porter denounces the MKO’s American sponsors as main operators of Zionists policy in the US. “But it was Bolton who worked with Israeli officials to plan a campaign to convince the world that Iran was secretly working on nuclear weapons,” He writes. “His goal was to sell key European nations on a UN Security Council resolution accusing Iran of developing a nuclear program. Bolton explains in his memoirs that the assumption of his strategy was that either the Security Council would strip Iran of its right to have a nuclear program or the United States would take unilateral military action.” [7]

About the alleged revelations on the Iranian nuclear sites he resumes: “In the summer of 2004, a large collection of documents allegedly from a covert Iranian nuclear weapons research program was suddenly obtained by Germany’s foreign intelligence agency. Those documents became the sole alleged evidence that such a program existed. But this writer found more than one telltale sign of fraud in the papers, and a former senior German foreign office official told me on the record in March 2013 that the source who passed on the documents was a member of the Mujihadeen e-Khalq (MEK), the armed Iranian opposition group. The MEK has allegedly worked with Israel’s Mossad for some time.” [8]

What makes the MKO credible for Iran hawks?

Richard Silverstein notices the history of the group and concludes that “It would be totally in character for the MeK to accept funding from Iran’s enemies, as it was once sheltered in Iraq by Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war.” [9]

Some of the services the MKO offers its sponsors are listed by Silverstein: “the MeK participated in the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists. Many analysts believe that MeK’s mysterious largesse originated in the treasury of the Saudi regime, a sworn enemy of the Iran’s Shia regime.  NBC, quoting Obama administration sources, claimed the Mossad was an important funder as well.  Meir Dagan, Israel’s former Mossad chief, publicly boasted of Israeli acts of terrorism sponsored inside Iran.  Clearly, these sorts of operations need Iranian insiders and MeK is a likely culprit.  The same NBC report asserted that the MeK participated in the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists.  I reported here, based on a high-level Israeli former military officer, that the Mossad and MeK jointly coördinated the attacks.  Other journalists have reported that the Saudis gave Israel $1-billion for various operations to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program including the assassinations and the Stuxnet malware attack.” [10]

In all these filthy deals there is a “poor bargain” for the people of the world. The destructive cult of Rajavi is a bad tool for the warmongers that will one day come back to haunt them just like what Al Qaeda and ISIS did.

By Mazda Parsi


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