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MeK Efforts to chain members in Liberty

Based on information obtained, the MeK leadership is seeking to Stop and disturb UNHCR’s individual interview with the walled members in Camp Liberty.MeK Efforts to chain members in Liberty

Maryam Rajavi has told camp administrators that "even if one desperate goes out, all the organization’s efforts and political measures at outside would be foiled."

Remnants of Rajavi simultaneously have put two steps on agenda in order to inhibit detachment of members:

* Enlightening members that any interview invitation should be subjected to declaration of Liberty as a refugee camp that, as they allege, would be the only way to obtain mass asylum

* Resuming lobbying efforts in the US to pressure the UNHCR and haggle with the American side in order to declare Liberty as a refugee camp

According to the MeK leadership, declaration of Liberty as a refugee camp would provide their long-term presence in Iraq and they would have a chance to discourage the UNHCR officials in perusing file of transfer the group members out of this country.

If such an assumption realized, members, who become tools for developing this trick hoping to obtain mass asylum, will be told that the UNHCR due to political obstacles is not doing its job.

An important point here is Rajavi’s gang sensitivity about defectors and those who get able to leave the camp at this point. That the MeK treat them as disturbers of political actions of group abroad, especially in case of the US, is an alarm indicating that the group leaders will not suffice only to these tricks, but with the continued separation of members, they will increase pressure on protesters who demand breakaway; on the other hand, leaders of the MeK in every possible way with all kinds of excuses will struggle to limit powers of the UNHCR in order to avoid legal interference in the determination of members.

So, in these circumstances, any of those who manage to get out of the hellish organization of Mujahedeen, more than ever before, should embark on enlightenment and should inform the world of the MeK.

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