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MKO, A Year after Delisting!

September 28 was the first “anniversary “of the delisting of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) from the US list of Foreign Terrorist organizations. The group’s propaganda celebrated the occasion regarding it a MKO, A Year after Delisting!great victory! However, they were forced to leave Camp Ashraf in exchange for such a granted advantage by the United States. The group leaders know well that leaving Ashraf is a disastrous failure for their cult of personality so they launched new propaganda to keep members in. they tried to manipulate their forces by assuming their removal from the black list as a game changer in the region.

“…annulment of the terror tag has given regime’s crises an overthrowing characteristic, has tilted the balance of power between the resistance movement and the regime, and has prepared the ground for recuperation of Resistance’s forces inside Iran and the expansion of its units”, said Maryam Rajavi charmed with the removal of the MKO from the terror list.

She claimed that the terror label had been the greatest obstacle against the MKO in its way to overthrow the Islamic Republic and by its removal “the policy of appeasement” failed in the West and a new era started!!

A year past that alleged historical incidence for the MKO, a look at the group’s situation indicates that all events turned out to be against the will and ambitions of the MKO leaders. Being delisted not only didn’t aid them in their efforts to destabilize the Iranian government but also paved the way for their expulsion from Iraq and the eventual collapse of the cult-like structure of the group.

The examination of what the MKO has gone through during the past year, demonstrates:

– The declining course of the group’s breakdown is on the rise. The relocation of Liberty residents to Albania and Germany contrasts what Rajavi used to claim about Ashraf, as their “strategic centre that should be saved to death”.

– A large number of transferred members in Albania (about 70 people) announced their defection from the group immediately after they settled down in the third country.

– Another large number escaped Camp Liberty near Baghdad, last year after Ashraf was evacuated .

 – Two prominent and old members of the so-called National Council of Resistance (Mohammad Reza Rouhani and Karim Qasim ) defected the council criticizing Massoud Rajavi’s undemocratic approaches in the MKO . Based on their usual suppressive tone, the group authorities attempted to isolate the two defectors but they faced with more revelations and protestation by the side of Mr. Rouhani and Mr. Qasim.

– A long time companion of the cult, Iraj Mesdaqi was another critic who wrote a 200- page open letter to reveal crimes of Massoud Rajavi.

– Fear of the cult and in particular Massoud Rajavi’s personality has decreased dramatically. Every day, revelations are published to denounce the MKO Massoud Rajavi although the group propaganda used any means to suppress opposing voices.

Today the number of the MKO cult hardly ever mounts to a dozen in some countries.

– Lacking public support in Iran as well as outside Iran, the group propaganda has to spend large amounts of money to rent attendees for its demonstration shows. Poor people and students are trapped by the cult for a hotel room, a free trip or a few warm meals. This is widely broadcasted in the media.

– The MKO leaders were awaiting the collapse of Syrian government. Massoud Rajavi had promised the overthrow of Bashar Asad till last spring. The group members and officials were disappointed by the recent changes in the equations of the region.

– The suspicious massacre at Camp Ashraf to where the Rajavis urged seriously to return their forces, resulted in the suspicious killing of 52 remaining residents of the Camp and the disappearance of 7 others. Thus the group leaders disgracefully admitted to move the 42 survivors of the Camp. Camp Ashraf was completely evacuated. A piece of Iraqi territory got back to its main owners, Iraqi people.

One year after the removal of the MKO from terror list , the equation in the region has changed  a lot but against the group. The MKO even lost the only pretext – delisting by the US – it had to put the blame of its failures on!

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