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The 40-year-old MKO’s New Year Resolution: Regime Change!

It’s been near 4 decades that the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) embraces the Regime The 40-year-old MKO's New Year Resolution: Regime Change!Change Option against the Iranian government. The group names every New Year –whether according to Iranian calendar or the Christian calendar – as "the year of the overthrow of the regime".

In order to accomplish its so-called objective – the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran—the MKO has had various bed fellows including Saddam Hussein the deposed Iraqi dictator. The group was Iraqi Baath’s intelligence and military aid during the eight years of a destructive war between Iran and Iraq. They perpetrated countless random terror acts to assassinate Iranian officials and civilians.

Immediately after the cease fire was signed by Iran and Iraq, the MKO leaders launched the notorious "Eternal Light Operation" ( Forough e Javidan) across Iranian borders in the vain hope of reaching Tehran in three days– Massoud Rajavi  the leader of the MKO had planned a three-day operation to seize Tehran and change the Regime!

The operation was like a mass suicide. A large number of the group members were killed. The group was harshly defeated and forced back in the arms of its Iraqi landlord Saddam Hussein. Then, in 1991, the MKO continued offering services to the land lord by aiding him with suppressing Kurdish uprising and Shiite Intifada in Iraq where most former members of the group recall the infamous Maryam Rajavi’s quote "Take the Kurds under the tanks and save your bullets for the Iranian soldiers."!

However, the MKO’s long time loyalty to the enemy of Iranian people did not accomplish anything at the end. Following the American led invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi dictator fell off power. The MKO was disarmed by the American army. The group leaders now had to answer a large number of questions in the mind of the rank and files who were promised an armed –violent— regime change in Iran.

 Faced with an ambiguous dreadful fate in camps in Iraq members of "the cult of Rajavi" witnessed the collapse of the mirage –Regime Change in Iran– the Rajavis had painted for them in many years. Defection from the group was on the rise and Iraqi newly established government didn’t want Saddam’s mercenaries on its territory.

The leaders of the MKO strived to make new allies in the region ranging from Saudi Arabia to Israel.  The new mutual teamwork included terrorist and spying operations against Iran in exchange for receiving financial, military, and intelligence support.  Meanwhile the group’s propaganda played its leading part in derailing the West’s diplomatic efforts to engage in negotiations with the Iranian government.

Conversely, despite the MKO’s hard work to gain the world’s support for its so-called desire for regime change in Iran the situation of the group as a cult of personality deteriorated , day after day. The process of the group’s expulsion from Iraq has started and is ongoing although a bit slowly. There is an increasing growth in the number of defectors from the group’s cult-like structure. Therefore, today the main issue for the group leaders is to maintain the structure of the cult which guarantees its survival.

 At least during the past decade, the MKO has resorted to different powers in the world not for the sake of regime change but for its own survival. "Regime Change" is not a promise anymore; it has been reduced to a New Year resolution on the MKO propaganda websites even if it is repeated three times.

By Mazda Parsi

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