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UN to evacuate MKO terrorists from Iraq

The United Nations has announced that it will be relocating members of anti-Iran terrorist organization, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, from Iraq to other countries. The U-N chief says that a former Deputy U-S Secretary of Homeland Security will be in charge of the MKO relocation.

The MujaheUN to evacuate MKO terrorists from Iraqdin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) was declared by the US state department to be a designated foreign terrorist organization in 1997. For decades the group has committed acts of terrorism against Iranians both inside Iran and around the world. During the Iraq-Iran war, the group aligned with former dictator Saddam Hussein, and with Iraqi support, slaughtered countless Iranian civilians. According to Human Rights Watch, the MKO is known to torture people, often dragging its victims by ropes from tied around their necks.

The group is currently operating from bases in Iraq. Sunday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced that the world body would help MKO members to relocated to other countries, and that former deputy of the US department of homeland security, Jane Holl Lute, would be in charge of the operation. Sara Flounders says the US support for MKO terrorists shows the hypocrisy of America’s foreign policy. The group has a long record of carrying out terrorist attacks. Still, many prominent figures in US politics are speaking on MKO’s behalf, ignoring their crimes, referring to them as "victims" and "dissidents." Former New York City Mayor is one of many US officials who has worked closely with MKO terrorists in the last several years. Many US elected officials have received tens of thousands of dollars for speaking on MKO’s behalf, some even being investigated for it by the FBI. As the UN prepares to move MKO members out of Iraq, questions continue to be being raised about why the United Nations and the United States government are working so hard to protect a group with such a horrible human rights record.

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