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The Mujahedin’s cult should evacuate Ashraf Camp as soon as possible

The second letter of Iran-Pen Club to the officials of United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (UNHCR)


If you remember, around 4 months ago on 20 September 2011 , the Iran Pen Club in an open letter addressed to UNHCR showed its appreciation to the UNHCR decision to accept the refuge requests of the pmoi victims who after 20 to 30 years could finally submit their refuge request to this international organization and we welcomed your decision for accepting their refuge requests in clear and transparent form. But we also announced that the leaders of this cult are going to struggle against this historical decision of UNHCR which has respected the rights of these people individually and we mentioned that they will disrupt this decision by creating obstacles and hurdles . In that letter we, with consideration to the positioning of the pmoi leadership , mentioned that :

“…. After issuing of the UNHCR statement , the human rights activists and the critics of this organization warned that the pmoi by utilizing any possible facility will create obstacles to prevent carrying out of the UNHCR statement and Maryam Rajavi the wife of the spiritual leader of this group issued a statement in France that:

“…. We do not permit the decision of the mercenaries, Maliki and Barzani , as interview with each individual to go ahead….”

And in continuation of these fruitless endeavors , she says

“ all the people of Mujahedin must go for their interviews by helicopter ….” And this means that it takes 7000-S of flying for the interview of these pmoi stranded captives , taking and returning them , and all those things are part of the obstacles and problems which have been created by the highest rank of this organization to prevent implementing of the UNHCR plan. the pmoi leadership’s reaction which is mentioned above , has concerned and worried deeply the human rights activists because we think that the leadership of pmoi has begun its efforts to prevent getting out of this dead-end…..”

Now ,after the end of the year 2011, and signing the pmoi resettlement contract and in the beginning of transferring the people from the Ashraf concentration camp to the Liberty camp and despite very good situation which has been begotten for UNHCR to implement and carry out its responsibilities and tasks , the leadership of this organization ,by variety of unreal excuses and pretexts that the Liberty camp does not have the standards required , are not willing to go to the Liberty camp.

Fortunately based on the announcement which was issued in the official site of UNHCR on 31 January 2012 in Baghdad , Mr. Martin Kobler , the special envoy of the UN secretary general , announced :

“…. With many thanks to the UNHCR and human rights team for their efforts to make the Liberty garrison ready , quoting the officials of UNHCR and UN-human rights , he said that the infrastructure and the facilities of the new camp in Iraq for the residents of Ashraf is par with international standards and according to the agreement which last month between UN and Iraqi government for voluntary relocation was concluded , this camp is ready…….”

The same announcement reiterate that the pmoi reasons and reasoning in this regard are baseless completely, on the other hand Mr. Martin Kobler has announced that :

“…..the agreement is the only peaceful solution for voluntary relocation of Ashraf residents and it is very important that the agreement is observed word by word in action…..”

He also added : the constant position of UN is that the violent outcome is unacceptable . the concluded agreement opens the way for UNHCR to determine the refugee status which is the first and necessary step for resettlement In other countries to benefit from freedom and liberation…..”

Honorable officials of UNHCR

As you have observed that the signed agreement between UN and Iraqi government has paved the way seriously for determination of the refugee status for all those pmoi stranded victims and in a safe and secure perimeter far from all pmoi forcible organizational laws , the people can freely submit their reasons and requests.

It seems that your official intervention can be a serious help in this regard and it can overcome all the pmoi leadership’s excuses , pretexts and decisions. We are urging you to force pmoi to stay devoted to its own commitments which officially accepted and signed in front of the UN representative and in this regard they should accept all the consequences if they do not accept and reject the concluded agreement.

Surely ,while pmoi finds out that the lawful competent organizations have found out about their unreal excuses like the announcement of the UN representative concerning to the camp liberty which is par international standards , the maneuver and domain of this terrorist stream will be reduced and they will not be able to force their victims to accept their cultic thoughts.

The practical experiences in front of the leadership of this organization has shown that decisiveness and political juridical pressure have a very good impact to neutralize and thwart the pmoi totalitarian leaders’ plans which want to convert the peaceful plan for determination of the pmoi victims ‘ refugee status to the Massoud and Maryam Rajavi’s violent and bloody solution .

Iran Pen Club

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Iran Pen Club, Germany, February 06 2012

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