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The Iranian Pen Club Letter to the UNHCR

Fortunately we got informed that UNHCR finally accepted to review the refuge and asylum request of the stranded members of the most dangerous religious cult in the whole Middle East which carries the name of pmoi ,individually and not collectively which is based on the manifest published on 13 September 2011 , this organization, UNHCR, has begun the procedure and reviewing of their political refugee cases which they demanded .

We the human rights activists who have been pursuing and following the freedom and well being of those stranded members for years would like to inform you that those members have been deceived by the name of struggle and fight for the Iranian people by their leadership during past years . They had been sold to Saddam Hussein and his government for millions of dollars . They had been exploited horribly and they had been deprived of the their essential and fundamental rights as human being for years in captivity.

These stranded and hopeless members who are demanding and requesting a free life, have been utilized as toys by the international plots and their leader , Massoud Rajavi has exploited them with a modern brainwashing methods for years and he has exploited the women sexually inside his cult and there is no doubt that Massoud Rajavi is the main and number one official of pmoi who is responsible for all those atrocities toward the stranded members inside his cult.

According to our precise recognition of the real entity of this organization and as a result of the painful life of those stranded captives inside the Ashraf Garrison , we would like to draw your attention to the following facts:

1. First of all those stranded captives should be separated from their cultic container, new Iraq garrison, so they can think freely and make up their minds about their future without any interference of their leadership. It is impossible for them to continue their refuge and asylum seeking process freely inside Ashraf camp(new Iraq garrison) which is totally surrounded by the cultic regulations and atmosphere and is under direct supervision of the cult leadership. That is going to be a moral and juridical paradox.

2. When those stranded members submit their refuge and asylum seeking request applications to the UNHCR representatives , they should be transferred to the camps which are designated for refugees by the Iraqi government ,like the policy of the other countries in dealing with the asylum seekers ,and they should be protected by the host country , Iraq, and UNHCR as well in those designated camps. Their security and safety and their well being should be taken care of by the Iraqi government.

It is obvious that with staying in such terrorist container , New Iraq garrison (Ashraf camp) , the UNHCR and foreign countries can not follow their refugee cases conveniently while the asylum seeking applicants are staying in the terrorist garrison.

3. As you are well informed that Iraqi government has a rule of law which according to that the new Iraq garrison should be shut down and be closed completely for ever till the end of 2011, so we are urging you that in parallel with shutting down the new Iraq garrison at the end of 2011 , the stranded members of pmoi should be transferred to the refuge designated camps and in there their request for political asylum should be taken care of and they should be waiting for their result of their request while they are residing in those camps till UNHCR finds suitable countries to accept them as a refuge.

4. There should be a good connection as well as a very good behavior with those stranded members who are like sick people who need special cares while they come to those designated camps because they have been far away on purpose for many decades from the affection of their loved ones such as their parents , families , and worse of all they have been kept separated from their own family such as their children and their wives and husbands for many years forcibly .

5. In the UNHCR formal manifest like Iraq statements regarding the name of this garrison( the new Iraq garrison in stead of Ashraf) which was a gift to pmoi by the ex dictator of Iraq , Saddam Hussein, has been mentioned and emphasized precisely and exactly, the new Iraq garrison, but it has infuriated the pmoi leadership and they believe that the UNHCR has confirmed the new Iraq garrison as an imposition and gavel to the Iraq popular and elected prime minister , Mr. Nori Al Maleki who is a mercenary in pmoi point of view , and it worries us.

6. It is also worth mentioning that during last week and after the announcement of the statement by the UNHCR, many critics of the Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, PMOI) warned that the Mojahedin will resort to every possible means to throw a spanner in the works of the UNHCR. Now Maryam Rajavi the wife of the leader of the Mojahedin has issued the following clear statement from her HQ in France:

“ … we will not allow the line of the mercenaries Maliki and Barezani and the strategy of their masters, the Iranian regime, to prevail under the pretext of interviewing people one by one and …” and she continues “… all the Mojahedin members should only be taken for interviews using helicopters …” and this of course means that in order to interview the people trapped in the camp she expects over seven thousand sorties to take place and this is of course only a small part of the difficulties and barriers that the highest leading members of the organisation are creating in order to force all the efforts by UNHCR to end in failure.

7. The UNHCR manifest regarding asylum seeking policy precisely emphasizes that there is no way and it is impossible that those pmoi members can go through the asylum and refuge process collectively , but it seems that this UNHCR manifest in this regard infuriated the leadership of pmoi and as a result of that the leadership of pmoi has begun slandering and insulting the UNHCR.

Paragraph 5 and 6 and the pmoi leadership reaction to this subject worries the human rights activists because we think that the leadership of pmoi has begun its unwillingness to go through the asylum process according to the UNHCR manifest.

We the human rights activists and the family of those stranded members in the new Iraq garrison thank you for all your endeavors to help those members to conquer the dead end of their destiny.


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