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Nejat Society’s letter to the UN office in Tehran

The United Nation office in Tehran

The Cult of the Mujahedin- e Khalq has been manipulating its members systematically in order to achieve its cult-like objectives. The Cult has barred members from contacting their families. In the cult of Rajavi, love is forbidden. The outside world is not permitted. It is the most significant example for modern slavery. Members are deprived from free will.

Under this circumstance, members are deprived from their basic human rights. Those who state their willingness to leave the cult, are faced with a complex process of trial, interrogation, torture and solitary confinement.

Families of the MKO members have been striving to save their loved ones who are taken as hostages in the cult of Rajavi. They demand to visit their children in a free atmosphere.

During the past years, parents and other relatives of MKO hostages have traveled to Iraq several times despite their old age, illnesses and the far distance.

They sit in behind the doors of Camp Liberty. They called names of their children in hope that their loved ones in the Camp would hear them but they were faced with stones thrown by the brainwashed residents of the Camp.

Besides, the families have sent several letters to the UN and the Red Cross offices in Tehran. They also visited the UN representatives in Tehran.

These suffering parents seek their ordinary right to meet their children. They ask the UN to help their imprisoned children get released from the cult, and to provide the condition for members so that they can decide for their future with their own free will – without the threat of pressure and oppression by the side of the cult authorities. Provided with a free visit with their family, members’ emotions will be revived and their thought will be open to be able analyze their condition and decide for their future, so they will be able to return to a normal life.

Having been separated from their beloved ones, families urge the United Nations to aid them with the release of their loved ones. In addition, those families whose children have been relocated in Albania urge the UN authorities to provide them the opportunity to visit their loved ones in Albania.

Nejat Society

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