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The letter of the CEO of Nejat Society to the French ambassador in Tehran

Ebrahim Khodabandeh

The CEO of Najat Society sent a letter to the French ambassador in Iran regarding the annual gathering of the Rajavi Cult in Paris, the text of which is as follows:

To: His Excellency Nicolas Roche
Honorable Ambassador of the Republic of France in Tehran
From: Ebrahim Khodabandeh
CEO of Nejat Society in Iran

Greetings and Respect
The Nejat Society in Iran consists of the families of the members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO), who are currently living in the closed and remote camp of the organization in Albania, in complete isolation from the outside world. A number of former members of the MEK are also in this society helping families to achieve their indisputable human right, which is to communicate with their loved ones trapped in the camp of the MEK in Albania. In order to prevent Western countries from supporting this organization, this Society tries to reveal the anti-human and cultic nature of the MEK to the world. This organization violates the most basic human rights of its members and prevents them from communicating freely with the outside world, especially with friends and family.

After the decision of the respected French government to expel Maryam Rajavi and the MEK from France, hope was formed in the families that the French government is on the path of protecting national security and preventing deep and unique political and social and security damages from the MEK and has stopped supporting this terrorist cult, and therefore the dominance of this organization over its members and the violation of their rights by relying on the support of Western countries will be reduced.

But the families, to their surprise, learned that the French government once again issued a permit for the gathering of the MEK in Paris with Maryam Rajavi’s speech, and in this way, it intends to repeat its past mistakes and once again support this organization to violate the human rights of its members, who are really the main victims of this terrorist cult. In this way, the French government supports an organization that, while deceiving and kidnapping the loved ones of families and keeping them captive, does not give them any human rights and keeps them in the worst conditions. This action of the French government is in conflict with all international norms and standards of human rights, which has become the defender of an organization that has launched slavery in Europe in the 21st century. This action has no relevance to the human rights claims of the French government and its people.
In addition, the support of the French government to a terrorist cult increases the possibility of national security consequences for France, as well as undoubtedly a dark page in the political and social history of this country in the field of defending human rights and countering terrorism. The long years of experience of the families of members trapped in the Rajavi Cult indicate that holding such programs by the MEK will directly or indirectly threaten the lives and health of the loved ones of the families in a significant way.

The Nejat Society represents more than two thousand people from the families of those trapped in the isolated camp of the MEK in Albania, in addition to more than three thousand individuals who managed to escape from the organization (more than seven hundreds of them live freely inside Iran now), demanding the non-cooperation and support of the French government to the anti-human and terrorist cult of the MEK, such as refusing to issue a license to hold ceremonies and preventing the possible presence of senior officials of the said organization, especially Maryam Rajavi, in France.

In the end, in order to recall the honorable ambassador of the French government in Iran, it should be mentioned that the publication of the initial news about the gathering of the MEK in France created a wave of dissatisfaction and deep concern (caused by the repetition of past events) among the painful families of Nejat Society. Therefore, it is hoped that your clear and supportive response to the families will help greatly in alleviating their pain and managing this issue as best as possible.
Ebrahim Khodabandeh
CEO of Najat Society

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